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Karen Carter Peterson (D-LA-02)

“I believe it’s time to bring nearly two decades of unceasing conflict to an end. I believe it was a mistake by President Trump to deploy more combat forces, expanded their missions, and stoke regional tensions. I am committed to ending the forever wars and doing it responsibly … I support prioritizing diplomatic, intelligence, and law enforcement tools, rather than occupying countries and overthrowing regimes to prevent terrorist attacks.”

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Nina Turner (D-OH-11)

“‘We can’t afford it,’ is a popular refrain among politicians on both sides of the aisle–whether it’s Covid relief, healthcare as a human right, a livable minimum wage, tackling climate change and climate injustice, investing in BIPOC communities to begin addressing generations of systemic racism and inequality or a myriad of other issues. The reality is we can afford it; but to do so, we must make humanity and not the military industrial complex our priority.”

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