The House of Representatives expected to vote today on nuclear weapons funding

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The House of Representatives is voting this afternoon or evening on nuclear weapons funding. Unfortunately, Rep. Pearce of New Mexico has introduced an amendment that would actually restore $10 million in funding for the Reliable Replacement Warhead (RRW), a new nuclear weapon. I learned that late last night, the House Committee on Rules decided to allow a vote on Rep. Pearce’s amendment.

Due to the short time period we have to work with, those of you reading our blog today (Wednesday) should call the Capitol switchboard at (202) 225 – 3121 and ask your representative to vote against Rep. Pearce’s Reliable Replacement Warhead Amendment to the Defense Authorization bill, HR 5658, which would add $10 million in funding for the RRW. Funding new nuclear weapons will send the wrong message to the international community and undermine non-proliferation efforts.

Last week the House Armed Services Committee zeroed out funding that would have been used to keep the RRW alive. However, now the whole House will examine the Defense Authorization bill. Rep. Pearce’s amendments jeopardize our accomplishments in the committee by proposing to restore the money that was cut.

Update: A big victory on nuclear weapons in the House!

The House voted today on the FY 09 Defense Authorization bill. The amendment introduced by Rep. Pearce (R-NM) to restore $10 million in funding for the RRW was soundly defeated 145 – 271 when it came up for a vote this afternoon. His second amendment to restore money for plutonium pit production was not voted on.

The Pearce RRW amendment got only 1 Democratic vote. And 44 Republicans voted against giving RRW money! I’ll let you know which individuals voted for and against the amendment as soon as I find out.

This is really excellent news. Thanks to everyone who called and emailed Congress. We’ve got more work ahead of us. A key Senate committee will likely look at this funding in June.

Update 2:

The vote results are now available. You can see how your representative voted by clicking here.

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