For more than sixty-five years, Peace Action and our members have organized for a world free of the scourge of nuclear weapons and war. Take a moment to browse some of our current campaigns to learn how you can get involved and take action.

Current Campaigns

Gaza Ceasefire NOW!

The seventy-five years and counting failure to secure national rights and justice for Palestinians since the founding of the state of Israel has vexed the international community in ways few other conflicts have over that period. The ongoing state of apartheid — supported economically, politically, and militarily by the United States — has been and remains unacceptable, and an impressive movement in the U.S. and globally to act in solidarity with the Palestinians has grown over the last few decades. This solidarity has only grown stronger since the Gaza War which began on October 7, 2023. Peace Action and others have organized and advocated effectively for common sense policies that could, for the first time, begin to hold Israel accountable and change, however slowly, U.S. policy. READ MORE

Global Flashpoints: Conflict Prevention and Diplomacy

We need less saber-rattling and more diplomacy, cooperation, and conflict prevention. Many in the U.S. have forgotten that diplomacy can provide a smart and sophisticated tool for addressing, preventing, and resolving real-world conflicts – even in the toughest cases. Additionally, only growing international cooperation can help tackle the common threats we face — growing threats from disease, the climate crisis already affecting millions, nuclear weapons and the destruction they can rain down, violent extremism, economic inequality, and more. Achieving peace and enhanced security would be much cheaper, and in the interests of everyone save weapons contractors and foreign policy elites whose only frame for international relations is constant conflict. For the most part, ordinary Americans tend to oppose more wars and support diplomatic efforts, so we need to mobilize them. READ MORE

Nuclear Weapons Disarmament

Since our founding as the Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy in 1957, Peace Action has tirelessly worked for a world free of nuclear weapons. Help us advance that goal and decrease the threat of nuclear weapons today! READ MORE

Ending U.S. Complicity in Gross Human Rights Violations

U.S. foreign and military policy often suffer from profound contradictions. Realpolitik economic and geostrategic considerations often prevail over professed ideals such as democracy and human rights. Activists devoted to peace, diplomacy, human rights, and democracy can shine a light on these contradictions, and mobilize the public to push for change to hypocritical U.S. policies. Our campaigns are focused on some of the worst human rights crises in the world and where U.S. policy is making the problem worse such as Yemen, Israel and Palestine, and Afghanistan. When looking at these and other issues, the U.S. clearly suffers from a serious case of “do as I say and not as I do.” Because U.S. policy is a main driver of these human-made humanitarian crises, U.S. activists can play an outsized role in changing course in a way that makes the world a better place while actually enhancing U.S. and global security. READ MORE


People Over the Pentagon: Cut the Bloated Pentagon Budget

The U.S. spends more on its military than the next nine countries combined, yet Congress just passed a staggering $886 billion budget for fiscal year 2024. Congress should reject these increases to the Pentagon’s already bloated budget and instead seek cuts to top-line spending. It is time that legislators reevaluate what threats their constituents truly face – threats like catastrophic climate change and global health pandemics. Join Peace Action in our campaign to cut Pentagon spending and move the money from wars and weapons back to our communities! READ MORE

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