At Peace Action, we organize our grassroots network to place pressure on Congress and the administration through write-in campaigns, petitions, internet actions, grassroots lobbying, direct lobbying, electoral campaigns and direct action. Through a close relationship with progressive members of Congress, we play a key role in devising strategies to move forward pro-peace legislation, and as a leading member of national coalitions, we lend our expertise and large network to achieving common goals. We recognize there is no one way to go about making change. In order to be truly effective, we need to have a variety of tools at our disposal.

Given the right tools, ordinary people can change the world. Working together, we will create a safer, saner and more peaceful world.

The Tools of Our Trade

Mobilizing Grassroots Activism

Peace Action has a national network of supporters across the country committed to advancing a more responsible and just foreign policy. Every year, our network gets hundreds of thousands of calls, emails, and letters into Congress, ensuring that the voice of the people has a real impact on U.S. foreign policy. We also organize and participate in protests, rallies, town halls, and other events to build awareness and support for our campaigns. At Peace Action, our job is to get the maximum number of people involved, and to give you the tools and the guidance to take action easily and at those critical moments when your voice will have the most impact.

Lobbying Members of Congress

In politics, lobbyist is often a dirty word, and with good reason. Most of the lobbyists roaming the halls of Congress are on a mission for big oil, big pharma, or for the arms merchants that hold back smiles at the prospect of another war. But at Peace Action, our lobbyists are meeting with members of Congress on your behalf, educating them on the complex issues we address, and advocating for real security through investments in diplomacy, humanitarian aid, and real human needs here at home.

Shaping the Media Narrative

In the lead up to the invasion of Iraq, the media played a huge role in selling it to the U.S. public, sometimes portraying anti-war sentiment as “un-American,” but mostly just failing to question the twisted justifications and rationale for the war. At Peace Action, we work to inject pro-peace thinking into the news to prevent this history from repeating itself. To do this, we have a three-pronged approach. We work to get the word out in anti-war media outlets to reach the people who already care about these issues, and give them the information and motivation to stay active on them. We work to get our perspective into mainstream outlets, to reach those people in the middle who are ambivalent or on the fence about our issues. And we work to place opinion articles in local and regional opinion leader outlets in order to target particular members of Congress who need that extra push to do the right thing.

Building Coalitions

To have an effective peace movement, we need to build bridges with other peace and disarmament groups across the country and the world. We also need to coordinate our efforts with other social justice groups working on a host of interconnected issues, from environmental justice to human rights advocacy to economic justice and more. Peace Action convenes, facilitates, and participates in a host of working groups dealing with nuclear weapons policy, pentagon spending, and international relations with countries like Syria, Iran, Yemen, and North Korea. We are at our most powerful when we join forces with other constituencies to achieve common goals and advance common interests.

Electing Pro-Peace Candidates

Only by demonstrating the power of the peace constituency can we expect members of Congress to support pro-peace policies. That’s why Peace Action is committed to helping get pro-peace candidates into office. Every election cycle, Peace Action makes candidate endorsements, raises campaign money for our candidates, and donates skilled organizers to campaigns that we know will represent the peace movement well in a Congress that too often doesn’t. Through this work, we’ve built invaluable relationships with Senators and Representatives, helping to shape many pro-peace candidates into pro-peace leaders on Capitol Hill.

Sign up today and join us as we work to build a safer, more peaceful world.

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