Peace Voter ensures that critical foreign policy issues are a part of the election-year debate.

Too often, foreign policy takes a back seat in Congressional elections. Through Peace Voter, Peace Action has distributed millions of pro-peace voter guides in states and Congressional districts across the country. Hundreds of press hits, along with our tenacious efforts to track the candidates and educate the public about their positions, gets attention and sends a clear message – foreign policy matters to voters.

Peace Voter helps give voice to the many Americans concerned about the wars and the direction of U.S. foreign policy. We actively urge candidates to articulate a better path for our country – one that will truly increase our security and reflects our nation’s values.

We show up at candidate debates and forums, asking the important questions of candidates and injecting foreign policy into the campaigns. Since 1996, Peace Action has trained local activists and provided resources to on-the-ground organizers, enabling us to reach millions of voters.

Help us start the 2022 cycle strong and transform the foreign policy debate in Congress. Give directly to Peace Action’s PAC.

At Peace Action, we don’t just work to influence Congress. We also work to shape it.

Only by demonstrating the power of the peace constituency can we expect members of Congress to support pro-peace policies. That’s why Peace Action is committed to helping get pro-peace candidates into office.

Every election cycle, Peace Action makes candidate endorsements, raises campaign money for our candidates, conducts candidate briefings of foreign policy issues and donates skilled organizers to campaigns that we know will represent the peace movement well in Congress. Through this work, we’ve built invaluable relationships with Senators and Representatives, helping to shape many pro-peace candidates into pro-peace leaders on Capitol Hill.

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