June 10th is the National Call-in Day for Diplomacy with Iran

 In Action Alert, Iran

Despite the November 2007 National Intelligence Estimate concluding that Iran had halted its nuclear weapons program, the Bush administration is bolstering its case for war by labeling Iran one of the greatest threats to American security. Each day seems to bring new allegations about Iran’s nuclear program or its involvement in Iraq. Hostile rhetoric from Iranian and US officials is creating an environment where small incidents, like the Iranian speedboats approaching US warships in the Strait of Hormuz earlier in the year, could erupt into something far more serious.

You can help us tell congressional leaders that we want dialogue, not military attacks. Take part in the National Call-in Day for diplomacy with Iran and phone your representatives.

Call 1-800-788-9372

  • Tell Congress to work for direct, unconditional, and comprehensive talks between the US and Iran.
  • The US and Iran share common interests: a stable Iraq, Middle East and Afghanistan.
  • The US pursued negotiations with North Korea and Libya — it’s time to talk with Iran.

Bombing Iran would bring disastrous consequences. With a soaring civilian death toll and refugee crisis, it would further destabilize the entire region and strengthen Iranian hardliners. US standing in the world would plummet, and our economy would take another major hit.

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  • Tom

    see video and pass it on: See RepresentativePress’s video on YouTube “Tell Congress that Bush and Israel Have No Legal Justification to Attack Iran”
    You can Google for it or visit Link:
    TOLL-FREE NUMBER FOR CONGRESS (just ask for your representatives’ offices)
    National call-in day to tell your members of Congress to stop an attack on Iran

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