National Call-In Day: It’s Time to Talk to Iran

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National Call-In Day for Dialogue with Iran, Tuesday, June 10th

Peace Action is participating in an exciting and innovative “Time to Talk with
media event on the Terrace of the west side of the Canon House Office Building from 10 am until 2 pm on Tuesday, June 10. With the U.S. Capitol backdrop, Members of Congress, celebrities, former officials, and other citizens visiting Capitol Hill will use a row of 60’s-era red “hotline” telephones to talk directly to average Iranians in Tehran.


We’re calling for a nationwide Call-into Congress for Diplomacy
with Iran for organizations with grassroots constituencies and those
who can not be in Washington.

CALL: 202.224.3121

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  • Dvir Koenigstein

    This sound very interesting and exciting! Shame I can’t join it.
    This is exactly the kind of action we are looking for at MESC (
    An honest – one to one, person to person dialog.
    That is the only way things will change in the middle east. No longer wait for “leaders” to take action – act from the roots up!

    PS Does anyone know how we can contact the people behind this initiative? Thanks.

  • Mary Lee McIntyre

    I called Frank Wolf’s (10th District of VA) office and encouraged a staffer to tell him to use diplomacy instead of war when dealing with Iran. WE alreadh have our hands full with two wars and do not need a third. The staffer (female) was most gracious and said she would pass along my message.

  • Sr. Sally Ann Brickner

    I called Rep. Steve Kagen (8th Congressional District of WI) and mentioned that I heard Pres. Bush urge the G8 leaders to pressure Iran. I asked that the receptionist tell Dr. Kagen that the USA needs to dialogue with the leadership of Iran because of our mutual interest in a stable Middle East, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Just as we negotiated with North Korea regarding its nuclear program so we need to do with Iran.

  • nina sakun

    i called john larson’s office and left my message with the staff. the problem in ct is joe lieberman who is chomping at the bit to start bombing iran and is a close advisor even handler of mccain.

  • Lisa Nagle

    I’ve called Congressmen Mark Udall(D) Colorado and Tom Tancredo’s(R) Colorado offices. I’ve also called Colorado senators Ken Salazar (D) and Ken Salazar. I’ve left messages for them to press for diplomatic efforts to resolve conflicts in the Middle East – to cosponsor S. 2130.
    (At the same time I urged them to support Dennis Kucinich in his efforts to impeach President Bush and Vice President Cheney.)

  • Thomas Davis

    I called Congressman Norm Dicks office, and was unimpressed with the sincerity of the administrative assistants response. He never asked my name or even if I was from the Congressman’s District. I also stated I was opposed to a war conducted under cover of an “Israeli” attack, which is how the USA will probably conduct our new war.

  • Judy Kemp

    I called Darlene Hooley’s office – the 5th of Oregon. Her aide said he would be sure to get the message to Rep. Hooley. I also stated that it was against the laws of humanity to attack another country that has done the US no harm.

  • Tom

    see video: Tell Congress that Bush and Israel Have No Legal Justification to Attack Iran
    TOLL-FREE NUMBER FOR CONGRESS (just ask for your representatives’ offices)
    National call-in day to tell your members of Congress to stop an attack on Iran

  • George M Melby, Pastor

    I called the offices of Sens. Bond and McCaskill and Rep E Cleaver in MO’s 5th District. Cleaver and Bond were very polite and took my information and I left a msg with McCaskill’s voice mail. I stated we needed diplomacy first and foremost and as an absolutely last resort, war. This smells to me like another snow job like Iraq!

  • Adele E. Zimmermann

    Your e-mail was a little vague about whom to call, so I called my two Senators (Domenici and Bingaman) and my Congressman (Udall), all of New Mexico. Congressman Udall’s aide told me of H.B. 5056, regarding diplomatic relations with Iran. I asked that all three representatives take steps to prevent President Bush from attacking Iran. He claims to want stability in the region. I have serious objections to many things Iran is doing. However, it appears to be the most stable and democratic country in the region. I cannot see the strategic value in destroying that. I have two friends who just returned from a peace mission in Iran, and the people there do not appear to share President Ahmadinejad’s views. We have a chance to achieve with real diplomacy (not sword-rattling) what we claim was our purpose in invading Iraq.

  • Diane Mason

    Spoke to office reps of Sens Schumer & Clinton & C’g’man Nadler. They were polite, heard what I had to say, took my name & address, said would pass along. I included in my don’t attack Iran message my opposition (tho Jewish myself) of their knee-jerk support of Israel which I understood was necess. at this time to b electable & able to function as Congresspersons. And made clear I & family & associates demand negotiations with Iran & no attack on either our part or that of Israel.

  • Desiree

    I called Ohio Congressman (Republican) Steve Chabot and told his staffer to tell him I’m sick of this ^%$& and I’m not supporting any more wars — not against Iran, not against anybody. I don’t care what country is involvded.

    More war??? for whom???? Who does it benefit? Is it for Conoco Philips, Blackwater, Cheney. I DON’T CARE.

  • Debora

    I called California Congressman (Republican) John Campbell and spoke to staffer to say that I support direct, unconditional negotiations with Iran to prevent another war.

  • Natalie Burrows

    I talked to Congresswoman Yvette Clark’s staffer who was polite and wrote down my request for direct talks with Iran. He did not know her position but promised to pass on my request. He seemed sincere.

  • Bill Boteler

    Hi I called my Congresswoman in DC, Eleanore Holmes Norton. She doesn’t have much of a say in this but I got an aid on the phone and she said she would register my comments.

  • Linda Lawrence

    I called Rep. Pearce in DC – talked with a nice young woman who took my info (address, phone number, etc.). I told her that my husband and I urge the congressman to support direct, unconditional talks with Iran and no hostile action toward Iran. She said she would relay my comments.

  • Nicole Siskiind

    I called Sen Feinstein, Sen Boxer and Rep Waxman. Each claims that they support a diplomatic solution and would relay my comments. I wish they could actually do something.

  • Susanna Perkins

    I called Rep. Tom Feeney and spoke with a very bored young male who answered the phone, and kept saying “yup, yup, yup” to every point I made. He then offered to send me some information on Feeney’s positions on Iran and diplomacy, which I agreed to. We shall see. . .

  • Mo Jig

    I commend what you are all doing. The fact is that to make America secure US must start dialogue with Iran instead of the current rhetoric. Current policy will achieve the opposite of the stated goal of securing America. Current policies will further strengthen the current regime in Iran, further hurting Iranian people in Iran (who want democracy and normal lives and relationships with other western nations) and those abroad and further diminishing the US image and potentially power in the world by forcing those who do not want to be attacked to get stronger sooner. Wars add to problems and not reduce them and should be used as last resort. We are not even close to the middle yet let alone at the end of the line to talk about war with Iran. This war would only be for oil companies, Halliburtons, Blackwater, and weapon makers to make even more money and not to secure America and Americans.

  • Charles Allers

    I called John Murtha’s office and had a professional and courteous exchange. It was faster than sending an email.

  • Sean

    I commend these efforts but many of you are missing the Big Picture. Congress is owned by AIPAC. You need only have tuned into last Friday’s episode of The Daily Report with Jon Stewart to have seen the endless parade of @$$ kissers at the annual American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee. You had all the Presidential big players (excluding Ron Paul, Mike Gravel, Nader, Kuccinich or Bob Barr) and Condi Rice showing how they will stick to Israel’s side no matter what.

  • Marc Pilisuk

    I called the offices of Senators Boxer and Feinstein. I also invite responders to Peaceblog to view excerpts from my most recent book, Who Benefits from Global Violence and War: Uncovering a Destructive System , 2008, (Marc Pilisuk with Jennifer A, Rountree) by contacting me at

  • Kathie Jamison Cote

    I called Congressman Mike Michaud’s office and asked my message be conveyed to the Congressman. NO MORE WARS – It’s well past the time we learn to dialogue with other counties not freakin war with them. While we’re at it – IMPEACH THis administration!

  • denise

    Called my Michigan rep, Thad McCotter’s office, and spoke with Chris one of his aides. He took my name, address, etc. and said he will pass on the information. Said our family wants the administration to have dialogue and not bomb Iran. I thinks it’s just another way excuse for this administration to steal the oil and resources of a foreign country.

  • Mr. Harmer Weichel

    I called Cong. Shuler and was well recieved. I suggested that the US begin to reduce its 10,000 nuke stock pile before trying to get Iran and other nations to stop nuke production. Iran is afraid of us with a Pres. who believes in pre-emptive war and has 10000 nukes. How can a nation as Iran which has no nukes be a threat to a nation which has 10000 and is willing to use them?

  • Kathy

    Called Colorado’s Senators, Wayne Allard and Ken Salazar. No dialog; talked to a machine in Salazar & an aide at Allard.

  • Emily R

    I called Mark Udall of Colorado’s office and gave my message to his staff. They said they were getting lots of calls and were logging each one and would be taking them to Udall. I said congress must not allow George Bush and cohorts to bomb Iran or start any more wars. We must use diplomacy to deal with Iran.

  • cynthia

    Talked to aides for Sens. Casey and Specter and Rep. Fattah (PA). Told them all I was a constituent (nobody asked my name or address) and told them I urged the congressperson to work for direct, unconditional talks with Iran and to fight any attempts by Cheney and Bush to drag us into a another illegal, useless war. They all said they would pass it on.

  • Sharon Willmann

    I called John Cornyn, Republican from Texas, and got a message that all lines were bust and to call back later. This guy is worthless and will continue to be busy. He is up for reelection. Let us pray.

  • Susan Dearing

    Talked to an aide for Senator Feinstein and he said he’d make sure to pass the message along. Left a message for Senator Boxer on her voice mail system. I said the same thing to both, urging them to co sponsor Senator Casey’s bill to engage i direct talks with Iraq’s neighbors, including Iran. Also voiced my concern about the administration’s contract with Iraq proposal that is being refused by Iraq’s government and that we’re trying to coerce them into accepting.

  • Hazel Landa

    I called my senators and representative. The contacts said they would pass the information along.

  • Ernest G. Barr

    I spoke to Rep. Dan Burton’s office and asked that with regard to Iran, I think there should be negotiations and not bombing. I asked if she was aware that some of the same people who favored war with Iraq were now beating the drum for bombing Iran; she was not aware, but she would pass the message along. She did not ask for my name or address; I had to ask if she wanted it; she did.

  • Diana Forman

    The aide I reached in Representative Jim McDermott’s office confirmed McDermott’s support for dialog with Iran, which came as no surprise. He’s been working toward continued conversation and against any attempt to use military action there for several years. Both Senator Patty Murray’s and Sen. Maria Cantwell’s phone lines were busy. I think that’s a good sign! Will call again soon.

  • Bill Bushnell

    Reached Senator Martinez’s office and left message for him to oppose any attack on Iran and to urge we engage in dialogue. Tried to reach Senator Nelson, phone busy three times.

  • Arnold Neal Troeh, Ph.D.

    We, representing We the People for Peace phoned Wash. Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, and Congressman Adam Smith, and said it is vital that the US continues to talk and negotiate with Iran, like we did with N. Korea, to keep the diplomatic peaceful options open regardless. We spoke to a staff member of Congressman Smith’s who said she would relay the message, while we left messages for the Senators, to at all costs continue to negotiate, and do not use the nuclear option, or other extreme force on the Iranian People, and their sovereign lands. The Law of One applies NOW! THE LAW OF ONE We are all one. When one is harmed, all are harmed. When one is helped, all are healed. Therefore, in the name of who I AM, and I am one with all; I ask that ONLY THAT WHICH IS THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL CONCERNED happen here and now, and through all time and space. I give thanks that this is done. SO BE IT!

  • Marge Thornton

    I spoke directly to an aide in Rep. Mitchell’s Washington office today urging negotiation with Iran rather than attack. I shared how violence has not worked, and we would alienate Moslems more.


    I called my 2 senators’ offices (MD: Mikulski and Cardin) and my Representative, Chris Van Hollen to express the need for diplomacy instead of knee jerk military action and warmongering. The senators’ aids listened politely and said they would pass on my views to the senators. I spoke to Rep. Van Hollen’s legislative assistant for foreign affairs and he was engaging, saying the congressman shares my views regarding the need for negotiation and working with international organizations. He also volunteered what the congress is doing to deal with violations of laws by the administration through the Governmental Oversight Committee.

  • Jean Woodman

    Spoke to staff aide to Jan Shakowsky who said my message wass wonderful.

  • Pete Vanlaw

    I called Congressman Howard Berman’s office, and was surprised that I reached someone – and aide, who assured me he’d pass my comments on to Rep. Berman. I told him to please urge the representative to work for talks with Iran, that war is not the answer; that we need to stabilize the middle east, which is in both ours and Iran’s best interest. Bombing Iran would achieve the opposite by touching off a tinderbox through out the region and that’s in nobody’s best interest.
    As a constituent, I even signed up for Berman’s news letter, which for me is a major reversal, as I have had little confidence in his ability to take a firm stand on anything.
    Let’s hope that as the country swings toward Obama, Berman will develop a spine.

  • Donna Cotner, DDS

    I just talked to Mike Honda’s Washington office, making the points you suggested. The woman assured me that she would pass on my comments to Rep. Honda (CA) I will email or call Obama to support him in this, as well. Kucinich also deserves kudos for introducing impeachment resolution !!

  • Dennis Boos

    I just called (a day late) Rep. Brad Miller and made the points about Iran. The receiver
    ended with “so diplomacy not bombing, right?” and said he would forward the comments to
    Rep. Miller.

  • Foroozan Manoochehri

    This is my ultimate concern. Just look at this equasion:

    My fellow citizen this is my ultimate concern. Just please look at this equation:

    Chernobyl X Hiroshima X the number of the sites of nuclear facilities = Tens of Millions victims within few weeks + Long lasting radioactive contamination in the vast territories around Persian Gulf (Middle East, Near East and North East of Indian ocean).
    -Each nuclear facility can spread highly toxic and radiation (like Chernobyl) upon their bombardment.
    -US officials do not mind the usage of nuclear warheads that are at least 2-3 times more powerful than Hiroshima Bomb, which was a 20 KT atomic bomb.
    -There are several facilities that are considered as targets.
    I called offices of Senator and Congressman of Colorado and left messages on their voicemails.
    Also I sent an email to Senator Ken Salazar. He replied the following response, but I am not comfortable with these statements as a strong war preventive process. Lobbyist of special interests can amplify the war propaganda and weaken Congress war prohibitions.
    Dear Foroozan:

    Thank you for contacting me regarding Iran. I appreciate hearing from you.

    I am deeply concerned about Iran’s continuing violation of its obligations under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Taking these clandestine nuclear activities together with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinajad’s inflammatory statements regarding Israel and the West, and it is clear this emerging challenge deserves our attention. Accordingly, I am a co-sponsor of legislation, the Iran Counter-Proliferation Act (S.970), which would impose sanctions on Iran and on other countries for assisting Iran in developing a nuclear program.

    I am also troubled by reports of continuing Iranian support for Shia militias in Iraq that fuel violence and target American troops. In response to this, I recently supported a Sense of the Senate amendment (S.A.3017) to the National Defense Reauthorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008 which states it shall be the policy of the United States to combat and contain Iran’s violent activities and destabilizing influence inside Iraq.

    Let me be clear, however: the United States should make every attempt to resolve the Iranian challenge through diplomatic and economic channels. This includes working with our Security Council partners in the United Nations to ensure Iran cooperates with nuclear weapons inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency, and, failing that, expanding upon the economic sanctions against the Iranian regime that are already in place.

    I recognize the concern of many, both in Congress and throughout the country, that the Bush administration is planning military action against Iran. In response, there are a number of legislative initiatives in the Senate aimed at restricting the ability of the President to do so:

    · S.759, introduced by Senator Jim Webb (D-VA), would prohibit the use of funds for military operations in Iran except pursuant to a specific congressional authorization;
    · S.Res.356, introduced by Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), would resolve that any offensive military action taken by the United States against Iran must be explicitly approved by Congress before such action may be initiated;
    · S.J.Res.23, introduced by Senator Barack Obama (D-IL), would state that nothing in the Authorization for the Use of Military Force Against Iraq of 2002, any act that serves as the statutory authority for Executive Order 13382 or Executive Order 13224, any resolution previously adopted, or any other provision of law including Executive Order 13382 or Executive Order 13224 shall be construed to authorize, encourage, or in any way address the use of the U.S. Armed Forces against Iran; and,
    · S.Con.Res.13, introduced by Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), would affirm that initiating military action against Iran without congressional approval does not fall within the President’s “Commander-in-Chief” powers under the Constitution; and (2) seeking congressional authority prior to taking military action against Iran is not discretionary, but a legal and constitutional requirement.

    These bills currently await action in the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. Though I am not a member of this committee, please rest assured I will keep your concerns in mind should the full Senate consider legislation pertinent to this very important issue.

    Again, thank you for taking the time to share your views.


    Ken Salazar
    United States Senator

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