"The Iraq Withdrawal: Obama vs. the Pentagon"

 In Iraq

Senior Fellow Raed Jarrar’s latest Op-Ed “The Iraq Withdrawal: Obama vs. the Pentagon” below:

“This Monday, Army Gen. Ray Odierno, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, asked officials in DC to approve contingency plans to delay the withdrawal of US combat forces. The next day, the New York times published an op-ed asking president Obama to delay the US withdrawal and keep some tens of thousands of troops in Iraq indefinitely. Both the Pentagon and NY times article argue that prolonging the occupation is for Iraq’s own good. According to these latest attempts to prolong the occupation, if the US were to leave Iraqis alone the sky would fall, a genocidal civil war will erupt, and Iran will takeover their nation and rip it apart.”

Read the rest of Jarrar’s piece at Common Dreams.

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