Ask Congress to Cut the Nuclear Pork

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This is nuts.

We deserve a budget that reflects our nation’s priorities.  Don’t you agree?

Many Americans’ priorities include essentials like: Health care, education and jobs.

Given that, why does the current budget request squander resources on a 10% increase in nuclear weapons activities? The total spending would be $12 billion. [i]

Click here to send Senators a message today that asks them to cosponsor the SANE Act to cut wasteful spending on nuclear weapons.

Senator Ed Markey has a bill that would end some of this madness. His Smarter Approach to Nuclear Expenditures (SANE) Act would cut $100 billion over the next 10 years by eliminating some of the most destabilizing nuclear weapons spending.

Only a handful of people benefit from this nuclear pork: Weapons contractors. The rest of us are less safe because U.S. actions encourage other countries to respond in kind.

Tell the Senate: Cut the nuclear pork.  Cosponsor the SANE Act.

Current nuclear spending is at the same level as it was during the peak of the long-ago-ended Cold War era.  That’s crazy. These are weapons we never want to use that are targeting threats that no longer exist. We don’t need to spend billions on whole new generations of nuclear warheads, nuclear subs, bombers, and missiles. [ii]

If enough Senators sign on to cosponsor the SANE Act we’re in a good position to chip away at nuclear weapons spending as the budget moves through Congress.

And as usual, Congress will be faced with tough spending decisions. The more noise we make about nukes the more likely they’ll be targeted when budget axes fall.

[i] Back to the Future on Nuclear Spending, Walter Pincus, Washington Post, 2/9/15

[ii] Obama’s Trillion Dollar Nuclear Gamble, Stephen Young, Defense One, 2/1/15

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