Action Alert: Don't Slam the Door on Syrian Refugees

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If we don’t mobilize quickly, in the next few days, Congress may shut the door on long-suffering Syrian refugee families.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan told House Republicans yesterday that he wants a vote this week to block Syrian refugee resettlement.

Can you call Congress today and ask them to vote against slamming the door on Syrian refugees?  The bill we are opposing is officially titled HR 4038 – The American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act. It was introduced last night.

Call the Capitol Switchboard: 844-735-1362

Ask to speak with your Representative and tell them the following:

“I strongly support the U.S welcoming Syrian refugees. Please vote against of HR 4038 – The American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act designed to turn away the refugees.”

The level of misinformation broadcast by governors and presidential candidates about refugee resettlement has been staggering. Many critics claimed that there’s “no real vetting” of Syrian refugees. In fact, refugees receive greater scrutiny than any other group coming into the country. They are vetted by the UN and then by multiple US agencies long before they get here. This rigorous process often takes years.

The moral stakes are simple — the golden rule on a global scale. What would we want for our families if our communities were torn apart by unthinkable violence?  The United States has a proud tradition of welcoming the persecuted. Now is no time to turn back on that tradition.

The fear-mongering is as strategically short-sighted as it is morally repugnant. Most analysts believe that the Paris attacks were designed to invite a backlash against refugees and Muslims. Such a backlash is powerful fuel for the sense of grievance that is the lifeblood of ISIS recruitment.

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  • Renita McDaniel

    The Arab Spring created theocracies. If the information on the internet is correct some of these so called democracies put people in prison for proselyzing or preaching another religion. That is some of the anger toward new Muslims. Did any of these Muslim countries accept Syrian refugees? How many has Saudi Arabia taken in? The king of Saudi Arabia wanted Assad out and is partly responsible for this crisis. Coptic Christians were pushed out of Egypt when their churches were burned down. Iraqi Christians had to leave Iraq after the Iraq war. Christians are being killed and persecuted around the world. There is understandable resentment against that religion.

    Peace Acti

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