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Peace Action Development Director Peter Deccy at the "A-Bomb Dome" in Hiroshima

Peace Action Development Director Peter Deccy at the “A-Bomb Dome” in Hiroshima

Today marks Peace Action Development Director Peter Deccy’s 33rd anniversary as a Sane/Sane/Freeze/Peace Action employee, a truly remarkable milestone. 33 years ago Peter and his good friend, the late Kevin O’Connell, started the Sane canvass, which recruited hundreds of thousands of supporters as well as launching the activist careers of hundreds of peace and justice mongers (including me)! We’ve been so fortunate to have Peter’s smarts, dedication and good humor all these years. Give him a thank you shout out, email

Or better yet, make a $33 contribution to Peace Action in his honor! You can do it online at or send a check to Peace Action, 8630 Fenton St., Suite 524, Silver Spring, MD 20910, with “Thanks, Peter” in the subject line.

Other Peace Action staff tenures:

Eric Swanson, Database Manager, 20 years!

Rosalie Brooks, Director of Finance and Administration, 27 years!

Paul Kawika Martin, Policy. Political and Outreach Director, 19 years!

Ken Roseman, Phone canvasser, 30 years!

Yours truly, also 30 years.

What a blessing for an organization to have such dedicated staff, and it’s truly an honor for me to work every day with such phenomenal people.


Peace and Love,

Kevin Martin

Executive Director

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