Soaring cost of nuclear weapons to be $180 billion or more over next decade

The whopping $7 billion for nuclear weapons programs that was proposed for 2011 is just the tip of the iceberg in a huge funding increase for the nuclear weapons complex. Last year, Republicans [...]

Obama signs New START treaty in Prague, but will the Senate ratify?

After a year of negotiations, the President Obama and Russian President Medvedev signed a new treaty today to reduce nuclear weapons stockpiles in both countries and make the world that much [...]

Leaving Las Vegas

Our fearless outreach staff from our headquarters in Berkeley just returned from three weeks in Las Vegas. Their efforts complement the work our organizers Noura and Deidre are doing to make [...]

Birddogging Obama and Richardson in NV

Noura Khouri, our Las Vegas Field Organizer, has only been on the ground for a week and we are already seeing great results in our presidential birddogging campaign.  Noura and our Deputy [...]