Today we’re all at the edge of our seats awaiting the outcome of the historic presidential election. While that is the most important race this year by far, there are several other key races that will have a major impact on our work for a safer, saner U.S. foreign policy.

We endorsed 11 Senate and 64 House candidates this cycle who, if successful, could make a huge difference in cutting Pentagon bloat, moving back toward successful nuclear arms control, ending endless wars, reversing U.S. arms sales to dictators, and much more.

I invite you to take a look at the list of Peace Action endorsees today, and follow their races to build a more pro-peace Congress.

From Florida to Montana, Texas to New York, we’ve identified the pro-peace candidates we think have the best shot of either retaining or flipping their seats this year.

Just because the election is happening today, it doesn’t mean these candidates don’t still need your help! Many of these candidates are hosting virtual Get Out The Vote phone banking efforts throughout the day. Together we can make the deciding difference in their race by volunteering just a couple hours today. Join any of the candidates’ Get Out The Vote efforts of your choice just by clicking the “Volunteer For the Candidate” link under their profile on our website.

We’re excited to watch these pro-peace candidates races this evening! Candidates like Kara Eastman in Nebraska, who told us “We need to refocus our foreign policy towards ending our current wars and preventing future ones – moral imperatives that will require a fully funded State Department and appropriate congressional engagement that prevents an erratic president from unilaterally sending the United States into war. Such measures are necessary for the long-term peace and security we need.”

Or Georgia Senate candidate Reverend Raphael Warcock, who preaches from the pulpit of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and evokes his worldview around peace and justice issues. In Congress, he will work to resist militarism’s pull in telling us “Dr. King talked about war and some are beating the drums of war even tonight. Pray for our nation, but as you think about the geopolitical situation, let us resist the demons of militarism that disturb our domestic situation.”

No one knows exactly what the political landscape will look like after all is said and done, but one thing is for sure–this is not an election you look back on and tell yourself “I wish I did a little more.” Take a look at our pro-peace candidates today, donate to their campaigns if you can, volunteer to help the Get Out The Vote, and watch as they work their way to Washington. 

For a more pro-peace Congress,

Paul Kawika Martin
Senior Director, Policy and Political Affairs
Peace Action

P.S. There may be run-off races in need of emergency support following election day. Can you make a gift to Peace Action’s PAC to help jump in to win these races from day 1?

P.P.S.  With your involvement, we already helped a half dozen progressive candidates win key primaries like Rep. Rashida Tlaib in Michigan.  Follow me @PaulKawika and the @PeaceAction team for election updates throughout the day and into tomorrow.

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