Welcome to the Korea Peace Network Resource Center

Tools you can use to raise the demand for peace in Korea in the 2018 midterm elections

1) Click here for an online guide to bird-dogging from AFSC

2) Download this bird-dogging training manual from AFSC New Hampshire

3) Coalition for Peace Action’s (based in Princeton, NJ) Peace Voter 2018 website with a voter guide (a 501-c-4 guide) and information on their successful candidate briefings (which can be done as a 501-c-3)

4) AFSC’s excellent 40-page report “Engaging North Korea, Vol. III: A toolkit for protecting humanitarian channels amid “maximum pressure”

5) Peace Action’s page of useful materials in engaging candidates at town hall meetings  (relevant in election season and beyond)

6) Peace Action’s pages with: 
Korea policy briefing paper
Messaging guidance
(to be updated and added to soon)

The Korea Peace Network, coordinated by Peace Action President Kevin Martin, is a network comprised of peace, social justice, human rights, faith, veterans and Korean-American groups and individuals advocating peace on the Korean peninsula

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