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Phonebank for the Candidates

You can help pro-peace candidates on their path to Congress! Indicate your commitment to peace by adding “Peace Action” onto your name on Zoom as you dial. Particularly with redistricting this year, many voters don’t know where to vote now. Many others don’t know how to do so and get their vote counted due to new voter suppression laws. The best ways to help these campaigns is through voter outreach and education. Let’s help them!

And don’t worry if you’re from out of town. If the script ever says anything like “I’m a district voter” just switch it to something like “I believe in…” or “I’m volunteering for…”


John Fetterman

Sign up to make calls for John Fetterman in this critical tossup Senate race. We need to mobilize every PA voter!

Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman, who previously served as mayor of Braddock for 13 years, is looking to take on TV charlatan Dr. Mehmet Oz in this open Pennsylvania Senate race. John has worked to achieve progressive change for the people of PA during his years of service. In terms of foreign policy, he knows “We live in a complex, ever-changing world that requires American leadership and diplomacy. But unfortunately throughout the course of my lifetime, we’ve followed the direction of too many saber-rattling ‘experts’ out there who have led us down the road toward costly wars of choice… We should be engaging in preventive diplomacy.” Find out more:

Mandela Barnes

Help Mandela Barnes win this critical tossup Senate race. Sign up to make calls and help mobilize every WI voter!

Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes, who previously served as a community organizer and in the state senate, is looking to take on Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson. You may have heard of Johnson from the recent revelation that he tried to provide then-Vice President Pence with a list of fake electors in 2020. Meanwhile, Mandela has worked to preserve not just voting rights but human rights for the people of WI. In terms of foreign policy, he knows that “For too long, we put our troops in harm’s way while spending trillions on an endless war that was entering a third decade of conflict,” and vows, “I will never back down from my duty to protect American lives while building a more just world and working tirelessly to secure human rights for all.” Find out more:


Maxwell Alejandro Frost

Build up support for pro-peace candidate Maxwell Alejandro Frost by signing up for a phonebank shift!

Peace champion Maxwell Alejandro Frost is looking to fill the Orlando area seat being vacated by Congresswoman Val Demings. He has dedicated many years of his life to activism, pushing for the better future he believes his peers deserve. That includes a commitment to ending gun violence, delivering Medicare for All, transforming the justice system, and fighting the climate crisis. In terms of foreign policy, he says “My approach is rooted in a deep love for all humanity. U.S. foreign policy should look to uplift people, not build an empire. How we use our money shows where our priorities are, our exuberant pentagon spending keeps us from truly taking care of our people.” Find out more:

Marcy Kaptur

Marcy Kaptur needs our help with her reelection. Sign up to phonebank for her today!

Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, who became the longest-serving female in the House this year, is in a very tight race for reelection. After Ohio Republicans used egregious gerrymandering to erase Democratic strongholds, Marcy has been left with a tossup district. She is up against a man who stormed the Capitol on January 6th. Her opponent is also a QAnon proponent who advocates for Republican states to secede from the US. Meanwhile, Marcy has worked for years for working families. In the realm of foreign policy, Kaptur believes that “The pathway to peace can be paved by grass-roots diplomacy in addition to governmental compromise.” Find out more:

Steven Horsford

Help Steven Horsford win reelection in a tossup district by phonebanking a few hours!

Congressman Steven Horsford is in a tight race for reelection. He’s in a tossup district competing against an avid election denier. Steven has worked to provide opportunity for everyone. Early on, he led the state’s largest career training program at Nevada’s Culinary Training Academy. During his time in politics, he has supported common sense policies to help working families. In the realm of foreign policy, he has voted to block Saudi arms deals, prevent a war with Iran, stop funding to new nuclear weapons, and overturn the outdated 2001 and 2002 Authorizations for Use of Military Force. Find out more:

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Make sure everyone in your community has the resources they need to vote and be counted.

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How Can Affiliates Help Peace Voter?

Peace Action affiliates can get involved in supporting the electoral efforts in their states in numerous ways.

Who has Peace Action endorsed this cycle?

You can visit our Candidate Endorsements page to see an up to date list.

How can I nominate a candidate for Peace Action’s endorsement?

If you are a c4 affiliate and feel a candidate delivers a pro-peace policy, you can submit an Endorsement Request Form to us for consideration. Make a copy of the document and fill out the details. You can send candidates of interest to the Peace Action Candidate Questionnaire to record their answers on the issue.

How can Peace Action help a campaign?

We may be able to help in the following areas:

  • Endorsement
  • PAC contribution
  • Online bundling
  • Local and/or national press release on endorsement
  • Quotes for your press release and other communications
  • Issue expertise and messaging advice
  • In-kind donation of organizer
  • In-kind donation of other services (phone banking tools, etc.)
  • In-kind donation of mail and fundraising lists
  • Recruiting volunteers inside and/or outside of district or state
  • Voter outreach phone banking
  • Hosting events
  • Other requests

Does Peace Action have any resources for campaigns about these issues?

If you’re interested in learning more about the foreign policy issues critical to Peace Action, you can visit our Candidate Resource Center. There, you will find our updated Policy Briefings, polling on the issues, and links to our questionnaire.

Can we do anything electorally as a 501(c)(3)?

Yes, but in a restricted, nonpartisan way. Alliance for Justice has some good resources on 501 (c)(3) eligible electoral work. A few more common actions are below (full list here) and you can find more information at

  • Conduct nonpartisan get-out-the-vote and voter registration drives
  • Sponsor candidate debates
  • Conduct voter protection activities
  • Canvass the public on issues

Federal tax law absolutely prohibits 501(c)(3)s from supporting or opposing candidates for public office. 501(c)(3)s cannot endorse candidates or make independent expenditures suggesting who is the “better” candidate without jeopardizing their tax-exempt status.

Questions? Contact Lilly Dragnev, National Engagement and Campaigns Manager, at 260-494-5436 or by email at

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