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Phone Bank for the Candidates

Help pro-peace candidates on their path to Congress! Below are some opportunities to engage in pro-peace races this cycle. The best ways to help these campaigns is through voter outreach and education. Indicate your commitment to peace by adding “Peace Action” to your name on Mobilize Zoom as you dial.

These races are some of the closest in the country, and every vote will count. We have to help ensure we get the votes out for our candidates! And don’t worry if you’re from out of town. If the script ever says anything like “I’m a district voter” just switch it to something like “I believe in…” or “I’m volunteering for…”


Barbara Lee (CA)
Primary: March 5

Representative Barbara Lee has been fighting for peace for decades. Help get her to the Senate by making calls for her!

When? Most days until the March 5th primary

Three days after the 9/11 attacks on the U.S., the House of Representatives voted to pass the overly broad 2001 Authorization of Use of Military Force (AUMF) 420-1. Over the next two decades, the resulting “War on Terror” would engage dozens of countries through counterterrorism training operations, U.S. military exercises, air and drone strikes, and full-on combat. At that time, Barbara Lee looked ahead at the dangerous precedent and possible misuse that could come, and became the one lone vote against the bill. She faced criticism and even death threats for her vote. Since that monumental 2001 vote, Barbara Lee has been an ally and friend to Peace Action. There’s even an expression used by her constituents and fans — “Barbara Lee speaks for me.” At Peace Action, that very much applies. She has had our backs for decades. And now it’s time we have hers. Find out more:

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Jirair Ratevosian (CA-30)
Primary: March 5

Jirair Ratevosian is running for Adam Schiff’s old seat. He is a pro-peace candidate who needs our help to beat out the hawkish, establishment candidates in his fast approaching primary. Sign up to make calls for him and get the vote out!

When? Most days until the March 5th primary

Jirair is the only major candidate in the CA-30 race to call for a ceasefire to end the tragic killing in Gaza. He also “call[s] on the Biden Administration to stop supporting an indiscriminate military campaign and seriously consider putting conditions on any future military aid related to this war.” On January 30th, Jirair kicked off our Peace Voter “Meet the Candidates” series for the 2024 cycle. He took questions from members like you and spoke about our issues. He spoke of his experience at a ceasefire now rally recently, explaining how “in LA, but also across the country, and the world for that matter…I think what we’re seeing is a generation who are smart enough to understand the complexities of this issue, but also be brave enough to know what is fair and what is immoral, you know, and calling [politicians] out.” If he does not make it through the March 5th primary, the candidates left will be ones unwilling to speak up for peace.

As the former Legislative Director to peace champion Barbara Lee, he also said he will take up the mantel for her pro-peace initiatives in the House — like overturning the AUMF, working to create a Department of Peacebuilding, and continuing to fight for human rights globally. Find out more:

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Amplify the Peace Voice

Use your social media platforms to spotlight our pro-peace champions and help put peace on this election’s agenda. The graphics and messages below can help you get our message out.

Are You a Peace Voter?

Let the candidates know you’re voting for peace in this cycle! Save these graphics (with a right-click or by opening their link) and share them on your social media!

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Follow Our Endorsed Candidates

Follow our endorsed pro-peace candidates on social media and help amplify their progressive messages. Use the above graphics to show your support for these issues.

At Peace Action, we don’t just work to influence Congress. We also work to shape it.

Only by demonstrating the power of the peace constituency can we expect members of Congress to support pro-peace policies. That’s why Peace Action is committed to helping get pro-peace candidates into office.

Every election cycle, Peace Action makes candidate endorsements, raises campaign money for our candidates, conducts candidate briefings of foreign policy issues and donates skilled organizers to campaigns that we know will represent the peace movement well in Congress. Through this work, we’ve built invaluable relationships with Senators and Representatives, helping to shape many pro-peace candidates into pro-peace leaders on Capitol Hill. Help fund our Peace Voter work.

If you’d like to donate to a specific candidate, you can do so here. Donating through us sends the campaign a message that you’re donating for peace!

How Can Affiliates Help Peace Voter?

Peace Action affiliates can get involved in supporting the electoral efforts in their states in numerous ways.

Who has Peace Action endorsed this cycle?

You can visit our Candidate Endorsements page to see an up to date list.

How can I nominate a candidate for Peace Action’s endorsement?

If you are a c4 affiliate and feel a candidate delivers a pro-peace policy, you can submit an Endorsement Request Form to us for consideration. Make a copy of the document and fill out the details. You can send candidates of interest to the Peace Action Candidate Questionnaire to record their answers on the issue.

How can Peace Action help a campaign?

We may be able to help in the following areas:

  • Endorsement
  • PAC contribution
  • Online bundling
  • Local and/or national press release on endorsement
  • Quotes for your press release and other communications
  • Issue expertise and messaging advice
  • In-kind donation of organizer
  • In-kind donation of other services (phone banking tools, etc.)
  • Recruiting volunteers inside and/or outside of district or state
  • Voter outreach phone banking
  • Hosting events
  • Other requests

Does Peace Action have any resources for campaigns about these issues?

If you’re interested in learning more about the foreign policy issues critical to Peace Action, you can visit our Candidate Resource Center. There, you will find our updated Policy Briefings, polling on the issues, and links to our questionnaire.

Can we do anything electorally as a 501(c)(3)?

Yes, but in a restricted, nonpartisan way. Alliance for Justice has some good resources on 501 (c)(3) eligible electoral work. A few more common actions are below (full list here) and you can find more information at

  • Conduct nonpartisan get-out-the-vote and voter registration drives
  • Sponsor candidate debates
  • Conduct voter protection activities
  • Canvass the public on issues

Federal tax law absolutely prohibits 501(c)(3)s from supporting or opposing candidates for public office. 501(c)(3)s cannot endorse candidates or make independent expenditures suggesting who is the “better” candidate without jeopardizing their tax-exempt status.

Questions? Contact Lilly Dragnev, National Engagement and Campaigns Director, at 260-494-5436 or by email at

Meet the Candidates Series

Check out some of our 2024 candidates speak to foreign policy.

Kina Collins (IL-7)

Kina Collins is a progressive champion challenging Danny Davis in Chicago area IL-7. Kina has called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza since the very beginning, as well as assistance to address the increasingly worsening humanitarian crisis. She has attended Ceasefire Now protests throughout her city. On February 22nd, Kina joined us live to take questions on foreign policy with our members. Listen to our discussion here.

Jirair Ratevosian (CA-30)

Jirair Ratevosian is running for Adam Schiff’s old seat, CA-30. He is the only major candidate in the race to call for a ceasefire to end the tragic killing in Gaza. On January 30th, Jirair kicked off our Peace Voter “Meet the Candidates” series for the 2024 cycle. He took questions from members like you and spoke about our issues. Hear him speak to our issues here!

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Text Bank for the Candidates

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You can help pro-peace candidates on their path to Congress! Keep an eye on this page and we’ll have opportunities to engage available as they come up.

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