Not so targeted

The administration and many members of Congress have insisted that the US’s targeted killing program focuses on surgical strikes against Al Qaeda leaders and “associated [...]

NDAA grab bag: the highs and lows

The National Defense Authorization Act covers a huge range of issues, authorizing all Pentagon spending for the year. As one of the few bills guaranteed to come up for a vote, anyone and everyone [...]

October Suprise

By: Ron Moore October came a little early this election season. It is conventional wisdom that the party in power will stir up a crisis just in time to bolster its candidate’s standing in the [...]

Iraq Toll

Those who died in Iraq from Jun 22 to 28: Pvt Bryan Thomas  22  Lake Charles LA Cap Gregory Dalessio       Cherry Hill NJ Maj Dwayne Kelley  48  Willingboro NJ CWO Robert Hammett  39  Tucson AZ [...]