Not so targeted

The administration and many members of Congress have insisted that the US’s targeted killing program focuses on surgical strikes against Al Qaeda leaders and “associated [...]

NDAA grab bag: the highs and lows

The National Defense Authorization Act covers a huge range of issues, authorizing all Pentagon spending for the year. As one of the few bills guaranteed to come up for a vote, anyone and everyone [...]

From Iraq to Afghanistan

By:  Peter Deccy The politicians and pundits agree! Let’s move the quagmire from Iraq to Afghanistan! After all, Afghanistan is the good war, right? Not the one we were led into with lies [...]

October Suprise

By: Ron Moore October came a little early this election season. It is conventional wisdom that the party in power will stir up a crisis just in time to bolster its candidate’s standing in the [...]

Iraq Toll

Those who died in Iraq from Jun 22 to 28: Pvt Bryan Thomas  22  Lake Charles LA Cap Gregory Dalessio       Cherry Hill NJ Maj Dwayne Kelley  48  Willingboro NJ CWO Robert Hammett  39  Tucson AZ [...]