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That’s Sergio one of the organizers for next week’s actions at University of Maryland Baltimore County speaking.
Over 20 schools will be taking action against the war next week, if you are or know someone planning actions next week on a campus, please tell them to post the details here!



Student Peace Action Network Coordinator

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  • jackdavid

    well its good

  • mike18 oeuu

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  • Hasta Bahadur Chhetri

    Dear Sir,
    I strongly support the campaign that your Organization have started. What ever we need to do please inform us through the official e. mail address.

  • Andy Vermaut

    There is a need to organise events as these worldwide. The global world citizenshipcampaign supports your actions towards peace. How many participants were there? How did it feel to be hungry? Wich lessons you have learned of your action?

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