Eli Israel, US Soldier, Declines to further Participate in the Occupation.

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SPC Eli IsraelDeclaring that “we [USA] are now violating the people of this country [Iraq] in ways that we would never accept on our own soil”, SPC Eli Israel told his commanding officer that he would no longer play a ‘combat role’ in this conflict or ‘protect corporate representatives.’ That same day [June 19, 2007] Eli wrote a letter to a friend saying that they have taken his decision as ‘violating a direct order’ and has asked that friend to tell everyone about his situation for fear that he might ‘disappear’.

You can read the story at the Iraq Veterans Agianst the War website as well as a shortened version on our Student Peace Action Network website.

Eli became morally opposed to the war after he saw what the United States was doing in and to Iraq. He took a courageous step in defying his commanding officer. Moreover, his actions affirm the feelings of U.S. veterans and active service members all over the world – they’ve risked their lives and shattered a nation under false pretense. Millions are against this war, but a soldier openly rejecting the occupation of Iraq is something that the government cannot ignore.

Eli will most likely be court-martialed (to be tried for an offense by a military court) for breaking military law by disobeying direct orders. According to precedent set at the Nürenburg trails, a solider can only act according to what he or she believes to be right, and accept the consequences of either following or disobeying orders. SPC Israel is taking a stand where so many Nazi war criminals did not by examining the orders he has been given and questioning their morality. His actions are protected by international law – let’s make sure we protect him here.

The military will try to silence this story; we cannot let them. We can also not allow the illegal mistreatment of this soldier, Eli Israel – please spread the word. Contact his Senator, Mitch McConnell, and encourage him to fend for this soldier’s rights against any illegal retaliation.

‘What I have to do is to see, at any rate, that I do not lend myself to the wrong which I condemn.” – On the Duty of Civil Disobedience – Henry David Thoreau

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  • joelsk44039

    What specific order did Pfc Israel refuse to obey? This piece cites generic terms such as “…morally opposed to the war after he saw what the United States was doing in and to Iraq…” without stating what he might have seen or done. Let’s be more specific and state what this soldier objects to.

    Also, indirect comparison of the U.S. to Nazi Germany is outrageous and should have no place in this article.

  • barbpa

    I don’t have information on the specific orders he refused to obey; I would suggest for that information you seek you contact Veterans Against the Iraq war (the link is in the article).

    I am sorry you felt I was making an indirect comparison to the Nazi party in WWII. My intention was to cite the international precedents (Nürenburg trails) which stipulate that soldiers are liable for illegal/immoral orders they carry out. The comparison was intended to show how U.S. soldiers, unlike those of Nazi’s, have a sophisticated understanding of these international laws of war and are taking action against orders they deem immoral. I have the utmost respect for the people who, daily, don the U.S. military uniform and put their lives at risk for true American ideals; freedom of speech, religion and opinion. I am particularly proud of soldiers like PFC Israel because of his unflagging devotion to these ideals in practice — even when his actions may be seen by some as counter to military ideals.



    The polls on supporting the atrocities of
    George Bush / Dick Cheney / Aipac & Israel’s
    WAR , shows that only 28% of American people
    support any of the foreign or domestic policies
    of this administration.

    80% of that 28% have less then a seventh grade
    education, listen to talk radio, don’t comprehend
    if they can read & write, live in a double wide
    south of the Mason/Dixon line, and believes
    any thing a preacher tells them about RAPTURE,
    and the end of the world is coming.

    The other 20% have a high school education in
    auto mechanics and wood shop, believe in prayer
    in school, even though they never pray except in
    fox holes or prison, but believe what propaganda
    they hear on Sunday mornings.

    Thankfully 72% of Americans can read, write, and
    understand we need change from trusting the
    hypocrisy of Political & religious leaders of today,
    that are in reality embedded in CORRUPTION
    with organized crime. Bought out by special interest
    and investments in Corporation greed.

    2008 elections will prove interesting. Will the
    polls that show Americans concern actually
    bear it out. OR will the electronic voting
    machines be just another FIX and Fraud
    election. As HAD been the Elections of 2000
    & 2004.

    Florida in 2000—Ohio in 2004. Looks like
    they are setting up Missouri for 2008..

  • ARZ

    He did not refuse an order. He was told to pull guard duty and refused. He was not going on a “mission”. He has a less than honerable past in the military. Got kicked out of the USMC, has been in the brig for 45 days while in the Corps, he has NOT seen combat, not been given any medals, this is BS by himself trying to save his butt. He is not a Blackwater employee nor has ever been. He is an E-4 who has been demoted before with several issues with authority. He is a coward who has no integrity.

  • barbpa

    I am sorry you feel that way. I am proud that he has made a decision of peace and one which challenges the idea that one can be a passive agent of war. I believe this is the highest level of integrity and bravery.

  • Hurtdiscipline

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