Kevin Martin, PA Exc. Director on Pacificia Radio

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The roundtable is about the need for real security and a drastic change in U.S. foreign policy.

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    Ten Reasons to Impeach George Bush and Dick Cheney WE ask Congress to impeach President Bush and Vice President Cheney for the following reasons:
    1. Violating the United Nations Charter by launching an illegal “War of Aggression” against Iraq without cause, using fraud to sell the war to Congress and the public, misusing government funds to begin bombing without Congressional authorization, and subjecting our military personnel to unnecessary harm, debilitating injuries, and deaths.

    2. Violating U.S. and international law by authorizing the torture of thousands of captives, resulting in dozens of deaths, and keeping prisoners hidden from the International Committee of the Red Cross.

    3. Violating the Constitution by arbitrarily detaining Americans, legal residents, and non-Americans, without due process, without charge, and without access to counsel.

    4. Violating the Geneva Conventions by targeting civilians, journalists, hospitals, and ambulances, and using illegal weapons, including white phosphorous, depleted uranium, and a new type of napalm.

    5. Violating U.S. law and the Constitution through widespread wiretapping of the phone calls and emails of Americans without a warrant.

    6. Violating the Constitution by using “signing statements” to defy hundreds of laws passed by Congress.

    7. Violating U.S. and state law by obstructing honest elections in 2000, 2002, 2004, and 2006.

    8. Violating U.S. law by using paid propaganda and disinformation, selectively and misleadingly leaking classified information, and exposing the identity of a covert CIA operative working on sensitive WMD proliferation for political retribution.

    9. Subverting the Constitution and abusing Presidential power by asserting a “Unitary Executive Theory” giving unlimited powers to the President, by obstructing efforts by Congress and the Courts to review and restrict Presidential actions, and by promoting and signing legislation negating the Bill of Rights and the Writ of Habeas Corpus.

    10. Gross negligence in failing to assist New Orleans residents after Hurricane Katrina, in ignoring urgent warnings of an Al Qaeda attack prior to Sept. 11, 2001, and in increasing air pollution causing global warming.

    Even though there was not a shred of solid evidence that Iraq was involved in the attacks, and that the campaign to attack Iraq was being masterminded and promoted by Israel and Israeli loyalists in the American government like Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle.

    The purpose of the 911 attacks to justify precisely this kind of military campaign, against the Palestinians, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt and on down the line?

    Then there are reports about John Ashcroft, a militant Christian Zionist, demanding that the investigation into the 911 Israeli art student and movers spy rings be buried. Both spy rings appear to be closely-connected to the 911 WTC attacks in sinister ways about which Ashcroft prefered to keep Americans in the dark.

    Osama bin Laden is a high level agent operated by the Israeli Mossad in cooperation with the CIA. OBL and his inner circle recruited the hijackers for 911, with the naive recruitees having little idea of what they were really getting into or about whom was pulling their strings (this was the false flag component of the operation). The hijacked planes were taken over on 9/11 by remote control — the hijackers lacked the piloting skills to execute the maneuvers that were performed.

    Now the government is engaged in a massive propaganda campaign to suppress any reasonable questions about 911. If the cover-up starts to fall apart, it is likely that more and worse terrorist incidents will be engineered, martial law will be declared, and any skeptics and dissidents will be imprisoned or murdered.

    The only thing we are certain about is that we have NOT been told the truth. That the Israeli’s were notified about the attack on the internet two hours before it occurred, that only ONE Israeli died in the attack, that the Israeli spy ring was discovered and then sent back to Israel without getting any answers, that the CELEBRATION of the Israeli group on the roof top in NYC took place….all these things point to Israel.

    The media is run by about 50 American and Non-American Jews. Sharon said that America is run by Israel. I believe it. Look at the Marc Rich (Expatriot Jewish American) pardon. We are going to war against Iraq and others to satisfy them, not for our own nation’s security. It could lead to Nuclear war.

    U.S. investigators and the controlled media have ignored a preponderance of evidence pointing to Israel’s intelligence agency, the Mossad, being involved in the terror attacks of 9/11.

    Shortly after the destruction of the twin towers, radio news reports described five “Middle Eastern men” being arrested in New Jersey after having been seen videotaping and celebrating the explosive “collapses” of the WTC.

    These men, from a phony moving company in Weehawken, N.J., turned out to be agents of Israeli military intelligence, Mossad. Furthermore, their “moving van” tested positive for explosives.

    Shortly after the destruction of the twin towers, radio news reports described five “Middle Eastern men” being arrested in New Jersey after having been seen videotaping and celebrating the explosive “collapses” of the WTC.

    These men, from a phony moving company in Weehawken, N.J., turned out to be agents of Israeli military intelligence, Mossad. Furthermore, their “moving van” tested positive for explosives.

    On September 12, 2001, the Internet edition of The Jerusalem Post reported, “The Israeli foreign ministry has collected the names of 4,000 Israelis believed to have been in the areas of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon at the time of the attack.”Yet only one Israeli was killed at the WTC and two were reportedly killed on the “hijacked” aircraft. The rest forewarned..

    Evidence that Israelis had been forewarned several hours before the attacks surfaced at an Israeli instant messaging service, known as Odigo. This story, clear evidence of Israeli prior knowledge, was reported only briefly in the U.S. media ? and quickly forgotten.

    At least two Israel-based employees of Odigo received warnings of an imminent attack in New York City more than two hours before the first plane hit the WTC. Odigo had its U.S. headquarters two blocks from the WTC. The Odigo employees, however, did not pass the warning on to the authorities in New York City, a move that could have saved thousands of lives.

    Shortly after 9/11, Odigo was taken over by Comverse Technology, another Israeli company. Within a year, five executives from Comverse were reported to have profited by more than $267 million from “insider trading.”

    “We control America”
    “Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.”
    – Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001.

    “Israel controls the United States Senate
    and Media.”
    – Sen. William Fulbright


    Paul Dundes Wolfowitz – Deputy Secretary, Department of Defense

    Richard Perle – Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy.

    Ari Fleischer – White House Press Secretary

    Josh Bolten – Deputy Chief of Staff

    Ken Melman – White House Political Director

    Jay Lefkowitz – Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of the Domestic Policy Council

    David Frum – Speechwriter

    Brad Blakeman – White House Director of Scheduling

    Dov Zakheim – Undersecretary of Defense (Controller)

    I. Lewis Libby – Chief of Staff to the Vice President

    Adam Goldman – White House Liaison to the Jewish Community

    Chris Gersten – Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Administration for Children and Families at HHS

    Elliott Abrams – Director of the National Security Council’s Office for Democracy, Human Rights ( !!! ) and International Operations

    Mark D. Weinberg – Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Public Affairs

    Douglas Feith – Under Secretary of Defense for Policy

    Michael Chertoff – Head of the Justice Department’s criminal division

    Daniel Kurtzer – Ambassador to Israel ( !!! )

    Cliff Sobel – Ambassador to the Netherlands

    Stuart Bernstein – Ambassador to Denmark

    Nancy Brinker – Ambassador to Hungary

    Frank Lavin – Ambassador to Singapore

    Ron Weiser – Ambassador to Slovakia

    Mel Sembler – Ambassador to Italy

    Martin Silverstein – Ambassador to Uruguay

    The 110th U.S. Senate will have a record number of AIPAC MEMBERS — 13 — with the election of Benjamin L. Cardin (D-MD) and Bernard Sanders (I-VT), who both served as Representatives in the 109th Congress. All AIPAC incumbents running in the 2006 election were elected for another term in the Senate. The 110th House of Representatives will have 30 AIPAC representatives, raising the total number of them in the 110th Congress to 43. The six AIPAC freshmen Congressmen are Reps. Stephen Cohen (D-NH), Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ), Paul Hodes (D-NH), Steve Kagen (D-WI), Ronald Klein (D-FL), and John Yarmuth (D-KY).

    Maybe 9/11 can serve as an eye opener and jolt
    the people into recognizing the US corporate
    media as the enemy. We don’t need media reform in
    this nation, we need media replacement. We need a
    real news industry, one that understands why its
    vocation is the only one protected by thy US
    Constitution. We don’t need a media with
    incestuous connections to the CIA or nefarious
    secret organizations such as the Council on
    Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg Group). We
    don’t need journalists who report American Idol
    scandals; we need journalists to keep an eye on
    our government and show us every last piece of
    evidence they uncover about their misdeeds.

    I often wonder what would happen if enough
    establishment institutions were to become really
    informed about 9/11. I have to believe that many
    Americans would probably accept the idea that
    9/11 was an inside job and somehow justify it in
    their mind and heart. But I also wonder what
    would happen if a great many other people were
    like me and would not be OK with it. I often
    wonder how these people would react and who would
    be the target of their rage. But wondering aside,
    I know how I am reacting right now, and whom I
    want to punish. I am sure I am not alone when it
    comes to being angry with those who lie to
    protect the real criminals…and that’s why the
    media are becoming more and more terrified of any
    discussion about 9/11. Exposing the evidence can
    serve to wake up the millions of falsely
    imprisoned victims of their deception. And that
    can be fatal for the criminal corporate media.

    The 9/11 truth movement can only grow. It’s not
    about theories. It’s not about accusations. It’s
    not about speculation. It’s about the official
    public body of evidence and how much of it has
    been kept from us, misrepresented and in some
    cases totally fabricated. You don’t have to
    convince people of a theory; all you have to do
    is show them the evidence. And the longer the
    criminal corporate media continue to withhold
    evidence, the harder it will be to explain to the
    growing body of very angry Max Cadys out there,
    why they have done so. Think about it.


    The Cronyism from the very beginning of the
    attack and invasion of Iraq still exist, and the
    profits from nothing done is still pouring into
    the pockets of the Corrupt. ANY official that
    is opposed to bringing home the troops has
    to be considering their own profits..

    A tremendous amount of money on no bid contracts
    comes right back to this administration and members
    of congress.

    The secretly arranged contracts, and profiteering,
    another part of the “organized crime” scheme.
    Six contractors, all with ties to Bush/Cheney
    administration,Halliburton, Bechtel Group Inc,
    and several private security companies.
    Those companies conduct war of aggression.
    They are guns for hire, at a high profit for those
    involved. Torture at prisons, intelligence gathering ??,
    stalking the citizens carrying machine guns,
    they are paid to train Iraqi’s, kill others, and are
    a ubiquitous and offensive symbol of the US occupation. These guerillas make up more then 25%
    of the occupation force in Iraq. Heavily armed
    mercenaries, are paid several times more than our troops.

    You need to know that they, unlike our military in Iraq, have complete immunity issued by the US Coalition. They preform the aggression Bush/Cheney
    wants, crucial military jobs once entruxted to the military. They guard the US officials , and key locations in Iraq. Why!! seems they do not have to answer to the congress or any law. 25% of the money being spent, goes to these security companies. Blackwell, best known has 450 personnel, some at $1,500 a day.Blackwater also employs 60 Chilean ex-commandos who were trained under the Pinochet dictatorship.
    The American firm DynCorp has a $50 million contract to train Iraqi police officers.
    The firm USA Environmental has teams of weapons and explosive experts in Iraq and a $65 million contract to collect and destroy unexploded ordinance.Vinnell, a subsidiary of Northman Grumman, has a $48 million contract to assist in the training of a new Iraqi Army.Erinys has the $100 million-plus annual contract to provide security at Iraq’s oil facilities and pipelines.Erinys employs some 14,000 Iraqi security guards on wages of $150 per month, supervised by dozens of former British and apartheid-era South African military.The secrecy surrounding the operations is enabling the White House to obscure the actual cost in terms of men and casualties it is taking to sustain the illegal occupation of Iraq.

    Together six of the many companies contracted in Iraq contributed $3.6 million to federal election campaigns, 85% to Republicans, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. HOW MUCH
    more from others is still a secret.

    Call it what it is favoritism, collusion, and war profiteering. WE SUPPORT OUR TROOPS,

    Ask why no over-site, no accountibility. WHO is
    profitting from the losses. 3800 DEAD. THOUSANDS
    wounded. (American troops) 700,000 Iraqi civilians
    killed, thousands wounded, millions relocated.

    This has not been to liberate. It is to occupy and

    NOW, will you get angry with the rest of us.
    Is this what you neo-cons jumped in for. Is this
    your faith at work ?? Do you support this profiteering
    by organized crime, Bush/Cheney & friends. AIPAC
    & Israel…????????????????????????

    “What they
    call our government”.

    Look at all 67-70 UN resolutions against Israel,
    and the VETO votes by the USA.

    This is what is called “International Organized Crime”.

    How do we attemt to stop it. Impeach Bush/Cheney,
    and force AIPAC to register as a foreign lobby.
    Insist on reform of Government, Foreign Policy,
    and Campaign reform. Public funds only.

    How many congressmen’s and senators staffers
    are from or influenced by AIPAC, check out where
    and who educated them.(are they American)???


  • citizen y

    don’t hold your breath for Kevin Martin to take real actions for peace. He needs permission from the Democratic Party leaders to act.

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