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I recieve updates on the number of casualties in Iraq on a regular basis. As a tribute to their sacrifice and a reminder of the price we pay for wars we create I will regluarly post these names to the Peace Blog.

Those who died in Iraq from Jul 8 to 14:

Cpl Kory Wiens 20 Independence MO

Pvt Bruce Salazar Jr 24 Tracy CA

Sgt Gene Lamie 25 Homerville GA

Pvt LeRon Wilson 18 Queens NY

Cpl Christopher Read 22 Dorset UK

Pvt Jason Dore 25 Moscow ME

Cap Maria Ortiz 40 Bayamon PR

Sgt Jeffrey McKinney 40 Garland TX

Sgt Courtney Johnson 26 Garner NC

Sgt Allen Greka 29 Alpena MI

Pvt Christopher Kube 18 Sterling Hts MI

Sgt John Massey 29 Judsonia AR

Pvt Benjamin Bartlett Jr 25 Manchester GA

Spc Robert Varga 24 Monroe City MO

55 were seriously wounded and maimed.

82 wounded were returned to occupation.

625+ Iraqi sisters and brothers were killed.


In peace and with the hope for a better future,


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    The people of “The Un-United States” protest
    against this administration, AIPAC, Israel, and
    the 47 Senators that voted against supporting
    our TROOPS, and bringing them home.

    All the promises, that our troops would not be left in
    harms way, in a civil war, are forgotten. NOW “WAR PROFITS”and the security of illegal occupations by
    the “USA” and “ISREAL” is the priority to those
    members of “Organized Crime” and their desire
    for “GLOBAL” control.

    “BOYCOTTS” ,Marches, Demonstrations, pickets,
    letters, E-mails, you name it, must be done.

    The Churches have been, and will continue to pull
    back away from the HYPOCRISY of the Republican
    party. They will not support any candidate.
    Recognizing the importance of separation of Church
    & State, members will separate themselves from
    all politicians. Practice moral values at home,
    knowing full well no such thing exist in government.

    Ironically, half of the money spent on these wars is being borrowed from former American enemies, Communist China and Japan. Half the current American deficit is being tied directly to the war on terrorism. After six years, the Bush/Cheney Administration cannot even define what it means by victory in its wars in the Muslim World.
    US National intelligence Estimate just reported that al-Qaida is actually stronger than ever. The still elusive Osama bin Laden, who said the only way to expel US influence from the Muslim World was to bleed the US financially, must be beaming over the success of his grand strategy.

    A primary architect of the 2003 Iraq War, former US Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, assured Americans the Iraq war would only cost $40 billion. The cost of occupying Iraq would be fully covered, he claimed, by plundering its oil. Wolfowitz now heads the World Bank.

    Bremer’s missing $12.8billion was just the tip of the corruption iceberg. US corporations in bed with the Republican Party’s rightwing, like Halliburton, and mercenary-supplier, Blackwater, made billions out of Iraq. Halliburton, whose former CEO was VP Cheney, was awarded $16 billion in questionable Iraq contracts.Billions more of fraud and thievery concealed by the Administration will likely be uncovered.

    While the Washington DC police no longer dare patrol crime-infested southern parts of America’s capitol, President Bush and VP Cheney are sending the 82nd Airborne Division to try to pacify Baghdad. If this isn’t the extreme theater of the absurd, I don’t know what is.

    It must be clear to every informed and thinking person that President Bush has no concern for human suffering, truth, freedom, democracy, peace, justice, human rights, or the Constitution of the United States. His words and acts are designed only to increase his personal power and achieve his personal agenda and that of those who share his goals and hatred.”

    The list of support for impeachment is growing and it’s more important than ever to keep the pressure on your Congress member to uphold their sworn duty to protect and defend the Constitution.

    It’s over. Bush’s house of cards has just come crumbling down. We suspected it might just be a matter of time, but now it’s officially over!

    The entire United States Congress, Democrats and Republicans, have no choice but to run from this President, AIPAC, & Israel as fast as they possibly can .

    Church members have run from the Republican Party, like rats from a sinking ship. The hypocrisy of the Bush/Cheney administration,

    and the Church leaders that incuraged such

    support for the atrocities and crimes committed. (practice your faith, do not vote)

    Please put out the list of senators that voted against the BILL. We want them for ever removed from our

    government, they should never be REELECTED.

    Nor should Lieberman be re-elected..


    non-partisan hanging tree needed for war criminals

  • PF2007

    Thank you for reinstating the regular listing of names of those killed by Bush’s war on the PeaceBlog.

  • Blakesley

    The best article I’ve read on the very first day of the year. Thanks 🙂

    Happy new year

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