U.S. Weapons Proliferation

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Yesterday, the Bush administration announced that they would give 20 billion dollars worth of arms to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. According to the party line this is a viable attempt to bolster our relationships in the Middle East. This deal of course was opposed by Israel so to accompany the deal with the Gulf States the U.S. has increased military aid to Israel by 43%, adding 9.1 billion more dollars. Bush believes that heavily arming the Sunni Saudi Arabia will help the U.S. isolate Iran, a county supportive of the Shiite sect. This move is more of the same political posturing that will only further inflame the violence in Iraq and in the Middle Eat as a whole.

My first question is why are we friends with Saudi Arabia? Human rights violations alone should be enough to consider it a difficult state. But there is more. Saudi Arabia has been a negative influence on our occupation in many of the same ways that the President accuses Iran. A New York Times article recently pointed to U.S. intelligence which said, “Of an estimated 60 to 80 foreign fighters who enter Iraq each month, American military and intelligence officials say that nearly half are coming from Saudi Arabia and that the Saudis have not done enough to stem the flow.” Adding to this a senior administration official says he has seen evidence that Saudi Arabia is providing financial support to opponents of Mr. Nuri al-Maliki. Despite this the Bush administration continues to point only to Iran and Syria as counter productive to peace in the region.

My second question – how is giving weapons to sworn enemies going to promote peaceful dialogue? Israeli military forces, disabled after their loss last summer to Hezbollah, now see an opportunity to reassert their military influence in the region. Iran sees another example of the U.S. destabilizing the region to our own advantage – this will only further inflame radical groups in Iran and all over the Middle East. Even if this military power is only a perception at this point it emboldens one state to try to undermine another.

My third question – will we as citizens let our government use our cries for peace to further promote violence? The U.S., for its part, is set on political posturing and weapons proliferation – perhaps in an attempt to extract ourselves from Iraq and let the larger states in the region fight for control. I am sure that Bush sees this as an opportunity to show his popularity with some states in the Middle East and a way to boost the U.S. economy. Our leadership in this deal will bring nothing but blood.

Despite the political players and their influence on our occupation of Iraq proliferating weapons will never foster peace. This is a basic principle. The only way to engage the regional players in Iraq is through conflict resolution dialogue. A cold or hot war with Iran will be devastating – our actions in the past week will do nothing but promote that war.

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    Black-Water gorillas and torture experts given
    complete immunity in Iraq. While military people
    are prosecuted.

    Border patrol agents jailed for doing their job.
    While drug smugglers go free.

    Libby given a free pass after conviction.While
    CIA agents law suite,is thrown out of the
    Commander and Chief’s appointed court.

    Stay the course, while 3900 of our troops die in the
    middle of a civil WAR, over 650,000 civilians
    have been killed, 16,000,000 Iraqis displaced
    out of 28,000,000. No count on the thousands
    of troops & civilians injured.

    Impeach all the war criminals and violators of
    our constitution,our laws, that continue to commit
    perjury , and continue the course of deception
    to congress and the American people.
    That also ignors international laws, and UN
    resolutions. Withdraw all public funds from being
    used to support any religious State, religious

    International intervention by the United Nations

    LT Col. USAF (RET) Robert Bowman….Say’s 911 a inside JOB!!
    Say’s Cheney main 911 suspect!!

    The Former head of Star Wars missle defense program under President Ford and Carter has gone public to say the (GOVERNMENTS)official version of 911 is a Conspiracy theory and his main suspect for the architect of the attack is Vice President Dick Cheney.

    Dr. Robert Bowman LT. COL. (USAF) Retired flew (101) Combat missions in Vietnam. He is the recipient of the Eisenhower Medal, The George F. Kennan Peace Prize, The President’s Medal of Veterans for Peace, the society of Military Engineers Gold Medal (TWICE), Siz Air Medals, and dozens of other awards and Honors as a PH.D is in Aeronautics and Nuclear Engineering from Caltech.

    Bowman worked on the Star wars missle system for the US Government and has made a appearance on the Alex Jones Radio show and has evidence that the U.S. Government is not only lying about the events of 911 but is covering up of what really happened. LT. Col. Robert Bowman will be speaking in Chandler , Arizona this month at the 911 Accountability Conference February 23-25, 2007 at the Crown Plaza in Chandler, Arizona.

    For information on the 911 Acountability Conference and LT. COL(USAF) Robert Bowman
    will also be speaking at this conference.

    website http://www.911Acountability.org
    or simply type in

    911 Accountability conference Chandler , AZ
    February 23-25, 2007


  • DreamSpeaker

    The problems in American will not ever change until the American people stand up in a united front and demand change. Withholding taxes might be a way to get action from our representatives, who appear to be afraid to speak out. Quit paying their over-paid saleries and they might start listening.
    Not speaking out aganst the criminals in our government is the same as condoning their actions. People believe that things will get better with the next election. How foolish is this? G. W. has already made plans to attack Iran before the next election can take place thereby giving him an opportuntiy to keep himself in office. If the congress can’t or won’t get rid of them then it is up to us…all of us…to take back control of OUR government. It is more than obvious that our freedoms are in grave danger and anyone making a fuss will get put in one of the many concentration camps that our government has been secretly erecting in every state of the union. There aren’t enough terrorist in the world to fill these camps. So who do you think will occupy them? Americans, that’s who. Be afraid, be very afraid. United we stand.

  • Leahcim Droh

    The whole weapons proliferation agenda is not about anything but propping up a bankrupt nation, the US. The Suadis are the money source, (primarily). Because our (This country) countryies economy completly depends on the military industrial complex by default, and that only the threat of complete annilation is the reason the unUnited States maintains it’s illusionary power over the world in the eyes of Americans. Where as other countries and peoples know better, such as Iran.

    The NeoConJobs have plummeted this country into a mire so deep economically, that the continuing spiralling, deeper into the depths of our own demise will not stop until either the poeple revolt completely or marshal law takes over. (this is if it hasn’t already!)

    The maintaining of societary (illusionary) peace is the the prime objective here and abroad at all costs. REMEMBER Waco Texas.
    The powers the be will do what ever it takes to drive the system the direction they are and even take the blame. Because there is no consiquences or accountability under a a Corporate fascist regiem such as the U.S. Has become. ( that is unless the people do something about it in the short term.)


    NATIONAL DEBT IS NOW: on January 29: $8,686,542,446,617.56


    William H. Rehnquist spoke for the court:
    Both tax exemptions and tax deductibility are a form of subsidy that is administered through the tax system. A tax exemption has much the same effect as a cash grant to the organization of the amount of tax it would have to pay on its income.

    The significance of this decision is often overlooked. If tax exemption is a form of subsidy, then church property tax exemption is a clear violation of the establishment clause of the First Amendment. All that is necessary to make church property tax exemption a thing of the past is for an irate taxpayer who is tired of high taxes to file suit to force churches to pay their “fair share.”

    Tenth Circuit Court addressed, and held that “tax exemption is a privilege, a matter of grace rather than a right.”

    The question of tax exemption for churches is clear: the foundation has been laid for taxing church property and perhaps even church income.

    As the budget deficits of the federal, state and local governments increase, the possibility of taxing church property also rises — despite the long history of tax exemption.

    We are sick and tired of the “Zionist-Movement” the cost of the “WAR” they demanded, the amount of holdings & investments rather then any amount of return to the community. The threat of Falwell to use 200,000 preachers to preach his message from the pulpit is not only wrong it is unlimited use of propaganda!

    The millions spent on foolish campaigns designed to shape or change public opinion in regard to this or that: divorce, birth control, the falseness of the Darwinian theory, or almost anything in connection with science and history! The blather about saints and cures and bringing all to Jesus, the while taxes are evaded and the scummy politicians whom they endorse, or even nominate and elect to office, proceed to rob the public in favor of the corporations and churches whom they serve! No wonder ignorance, no wonder illusion, when those with power in the religious field knowingly delude and mislead the masses! The things told them! That it is important to vote for this or that crook; uphold religion; it is good for the people to go to war, to put religion in the schools, to give into the hands of these mental bandits the care and education of all children, so that they may be properly enslaved by religion! (A slave, in my opinion, is the man who does not think for himself. A man with knowledge is not powerless.) But always with suave and polished words.
    How about a Robertson or Bush Whisper! God has told me, and I will tell you, and you shall follow and sustain me as my servant who am the servant of God! SURE!

    One would think from that that the Churches were a branch of the Government, a public institution, whereas they are only semipublic, being under the control of a special group of patrons, and as such should be taxed and made to pay the same as any other self-aggrandizing corporation.

    The State now should not permit them to go tax free, and should, should it not? enjoy and participate in any money-making of this nature, which is certainly no legitimate function of religion. Then look close at the MONEY!!

    Well now, church buildings alone in America, without parsonages, investments, securities, schools, orphanages, hospitals and monasteries, are valued in the trillions. Investments such as in Defense etc, also will be in the trillions. Do they ever cough up in crisis,

    No they just manage the money from the congregation they solicit it from. Lets call it Alms instead of Tyethings.America now represented by the money-mad leaders who are dictating not only the economics but the philosophy of the country and using the religionists to help them. Or might it be the fool led by fools.

    We will sue for tax fairness due to the last six years ofChurch involvement in Politics, openly judging peoplewith a different political view, telling a congregation they must support the republican party, and support an unjust “WAR”.

    Now pay for it, I left the Church because I’m proud to be a Democrat, American, a Christian, but no longer a member of any denomination that supports corruption and/or WAR. BLAME THE PAT ROBERTSONS AND JERRY FALWELLS FOR INVOLVING CHURCH & STATE.

    I pay Taxes for your injustice, now you will also.



    COST !!



    If any citizen were to make a statement recommending
    assassination, we would be picked up and thrown into
    a jail, or sent to guantanamo bay.

    Why is it a complete out of his mind jerk, like this
    raving maniac PAT ROBERTSON, can go around
    recommending an assassination, foretelling the future,
    stating GOD told him about an attack is coming.
    We know he is not out of step with the White-House,
    but shouldn’t he also face criminal charges like anyone else would? At least put him in an institution.

    The Rev. Jerry Falwell said that he and several leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention would mobilize evangelical churches to oppose steps to give up any more territory to the Palestinians.

    To get out the word on Israel, Falwell said, “There are about 200,000 evangelical pastors in America, and we’re asking them all through e-mail, faxes, letters, telephone, to go into their pulpits and use their influence in support of the state of Israel and the prime minister.” Which any one attending a Church knows they have done so. Political messages from most every pulpit accross our nation in support of the republican party, president Bush policy, and in complete support of the WAR for Israels interest not Americas.. Now pay taxes on all tax free property..

    This comes at a time when Israel is under pressure from both the World (UN) and some American Jewish groups to break an impasse in the peace efforts.

    Democrats in Congress have moved quickly – and commendably – to strengthen ethics rules. But truly groundbreaking reform was prevented, in part, because of the efforts of the pro-Israel lobby to preserve one of its most critical functions: taking members of Congress on free “educational” trips to Israel.

    The pro-Israel lobby does most of its work without publicity. But every member of Congress and every would-be candidate for Congress comes to quickly understand a basic lesson. Money needed to run for office can come with great ease from supporters of Israel, provided that the candidate makes certain promises, in writing, to vote favorably on issues considered important to Israel. What drives much of congressional support for Israel is fear – fear that the pro-Israel lobby will either withhold campaign contributions or give money to one’s opponent.

    Pro-Israel groups worked vigorously to ensure that the new reforms would allow them to keep hosting members of Congress on trips to Israel. According to the Jewish Daily Forward newspaper, congressional filings show Israel as the top foreign destination for privately sponsored trips. Nearly 10 percent of overseas congressional trips taken between 2000 and 2005 were to Israel. Most are paid for by the American Israel Education Foundation, a sister organization of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the major pro-Israel lobby group.

    New rules require all trips to be pre-approved by the House Ethics Committee, but Rep. Barney Frank (D) of Massachusetts says this setup will guarantee that tours of Israel continue. Ron Kampeas of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency reported consensus among Jewish groups that “the new legislation would be an inconvenience, but wouldn’t seriously hamper the trips to Israel that are considered a critical component of congressional support for Israel.”

    What the pro-Israel lobby reaps for its investment in these tours is congressional support for Israeli desires. For years, Israel has relied on billions of dollars in US taxpayer money. Shutting off this government funding would seriously impair Israel’s harsh occupation.

    One wonders what policies Congress might support toward Israel and the Palestinians absent the distorting influence of these Israel trips – or if more members toured Palestinian lands. America sent troops to Europe to prevent the killing of civilians in the former Yugoslavia. But when it comes to flagrant human rights violations committed by Israel, the US sends more money and shields Israel from criticism.

    Congress regularly passes resolutions lauding Israel, even when its actions are deplorable, providing it political cover. Meanwhile, polls suggest most Americans want the Bush administration to steer a middle course in working for peace between Israelis and the Palestinians.

    Consider, too, how the Israel lobby twists US foreign policy into a dangerous double standard regarding nuclear issues. The US rattles its sabers at Iran for its nuclear energy ambitions – and alleged pursuit of nuclear arms – while remaining silent about Israel’s nuclear-weapons arsenal.

    Members of Congress may not be aware just how damaging their automatic support for Israel is to America’s interest. At a minimum, US policies toward Israel have cost it valuable allies in the Middle East and other parts of the Muslim world.

    If Congress is serious about ethics reform, it should not protect the Israel lobby from the consequences. A totally taxpayer-funded travel budget for members to take foreign fact-finding trips, with authorization to be made by committee heads, would be an important first step toward a foreign policy that genuinely serves America.


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