National Call-In Day to Stop Cluster Bombs

 In Small Arms

Cluster bombs are dangerous, indiscriminate weapons that rain small “bomblets”, many of which don’t explode despite their self-destruct mechanisms.  These unexploded bomblets act as landmines, lying in wait for an unknowing civilian to pick them up and cause them to explode.  A recent study showed that 98% of casualties from cluster bombs are civilians.  You can see the potential hazard in this video by independent photographer John Rodsted in southern Lebanon:

Monday, November 5th, Peace Action West is joining with organizations across the country to flood Congress with phone calls encouraging them to take leadership in stopping civilian casualties of cluster bombs by cosponsoring the Cluster Munitions Civilian Protection Act.

Click here to call your senators and ask them to cosponsor. 

Click here to call your representative.

You will be given a message based on whether your members of Congress have already cosponsored.  Thank you for joining with us to take action on this critical issue.

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