Las Vegas ad asks candidates: do you believe the US should develop new nuclear weapons?

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Today the Democratic presidential candidates, campaign staff and countless media outlets will descend on Las Vegas for CNN’s presidential debate.  When they open the Las Vegas Review-Journal, they will see this ad by Peace Action West’s sister organization the Peace Education Fund, raising the issue of nuclear weapons in the presidential debate.

The US’s nuclear weapons policy has veered into dangerous territory in recent years with proposals like the nuclear bunker-buster and the Reliable Replacement Warhead.  The American people deserve to know what the presidential candidates will do to make the US safer from the threat of nuclear weapons and a leader in nuclear nonproliferation.

The ad directs people to, an interactive website that shows the proliferation of nuclear weapons in our own backyard and allows you to submit comments about the Reliable Replacement Warhead program and Complex Transformation (formerly known as “Complex 2030”) to the Department of Energy.

Click here to download a poster of the ad.

Our staff and volunteers will be on the ground today at the debate handing out full-color copies of the ad and educating the public about candidates’ positions on nuclear weapons issues.  Millions of Americans will be watching tonight, and we need to know which candidates will help us reach our goal of a nuclear-free world.

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