Iraq Toll 3931

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Those who died in Iraq from Jan 13 to 19:
Cpl Curtis Christensen  29  Collingswood NJ
Spc John Sigsbee  21  Waterville NY
Pvt David Sharrett II  27  Oakton VA
Pvt Danny Kimme  27  Fisher IL
Spc Jon Schoolcraft III  26  Wapakoneta OH
Spc Richard Burress  25  Naples FL
Sgt Justin Whiting  27  Hancock NY
24 were seriously wounded.
44 were returned to kill fields.
343 Iraqi brothers and sisters were killed.
222 were killed in the prior week.
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  • Robert

    This is a privet post to a group who choses to feel the pain, not wishing it but if it is to be they want a minute to reflect on the list above and those who have preceded this list.

    My question is, We have seen nearly 4000 Women and Men who have served our country die… we have seen almost 40,000 physically wounded (we don’t have numbers on the mentally effected). We hear that there are deaths to the people of Iraq many say the number is nearing 1,400,000 , when do WE the people of the UNITED STATES get to feel the pain?

    I don’t want to glorify a death, but I want a persons life Memorialized… They served because I could not I want the Plane flown into Washington D.C., I want the Airplane to stop at the end of the runway and have the flag draped coffins lowered off the planes and a picture placed infront of the casket. I want the families of the soldier to meet there loved one out on the runway and take those final steps down the runway as if they are bringing their loved one home. Then, that casket needs to be placed into a vehicle and driven to the White House were it can be received back by either the President or the Vice President and at least once a week. the entire Senate and House should make an appearance. This event should be presented live and UNINTERRUPTED on Television networks. The families will then take their loved ones home, to a privet service. We Americans have been sheltered by the damage this war has caused and Ido believe that our elected officials want to keep it this way… These individuals who are returning from War and the families need these events as part of closure and the Citizens of the United States need this to give respect but more importantly to get outraged as they see soldier after soldier pass in front of the White House and start speaking out louder and louder about the unjust crimes that have been committed upon the families walking by.

    I would suggest the same for the returning wounded but many are in need of medical attention and it would be physically impossible. We can come up with something.

    Now for those individuals in Iraq… First and foremost , Our media must stop filming these people as if they are “Meat going to slaughter”. Dignity and decorum should be the rule of thumb. As 99% of those deaths in Iraq or Afghanistan are “Collateral” (It makes it sound so worthless) THEY ARE CIVILIANS AND SHOULD BE REFERRED TO AS SUCH , there should be every effort to find the names and families and give respect to them… A U.S. representative present at there funeral service performing some form of gesture on behalf of the Citizens of the U.S. Although money seems to be the substitute for life in the Mideast I would think we could come up with something a bit more dignified. Money wont memorialize a ost loved one like a Park, hospital, retail center,or even the erection of a business to be run by the family in the name of lost citizens. It has to stop, the only way to make people realize how tragic WAR truly is would be to visualize it. The current administration certainly has made sure that this WON’T happen.



    The War can not be won militarily, it takes diplomacy.

    Obama has the ability and desire to settle

    differences by diplomacy. He will take such

    avenues when dealing with Middle East situations.

    When appropriate.

    I don’t believe anyone can consider Hillary

    Clinton, anything close to diplomatic. Not

    One Arab leader will listen, or take part

    In negotiations with her.

    Bush, McCain, and Clinton will only make

    demands, and take unecessary military

    action, as has been witnessed by the

    Iraq War, and our losses of life, treasures,

    and reputation in the world. Regrettably,

    all three led us into the Quagmire in Iraq,

    and have no idea of how to end it.

    Our economy has been poured down the drain

    with this leadership. All other issues have

    been off the table. A 10 trillion dollar debt left

    behind for the next several generations.

    The responsibility for such is shared by all three.

    We need change, and new leadership.

    Vote Obama, support change. Take back our


    I want to see an Obama / Edwards ticket.

    One America, no special interest.

    Ronald L. Waldron

    48 Hammond Street

    Jamestown, NY 14701

    716 483-5583

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