Stop the Bombplex!

 In Nuclear Weapons

The Department of Energy is currently proposing to spend $150 billion over 25 years to revamp the nuclear weapons complex, including increasing the ability to produce plutonium pits for nuclear weapons. This is a huge waste of taxpayer money that will make us less secure and implies that we will continue to rely on nuclear weapons far into the future.

Click here to tell the DOE they should get rid of nuclear weapons and stop work on Complex Transformation.

We know your comments make a difference.  In 2006 during the scoping hearings, the DOE received over 33,000 comments opposing the program—more than they have ever received for a similar proposal. The DOE scaled back its plans and renamed the program in response, and Congress cut all the funding last year for building new plutonium pits and for the Reliable Replacement Warhead.  This year, we need your help to get even more comments to the DOE to stop this dangerous proposal once and for all.

One other powerful way to oppose the program is to attend a public hearing and speak out in opposition to the program.  Click here to see if there are hearings in your area.

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