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Peace Action West has been working with a number of other organizations to ban cluster bombs, indiscriminate weapons that rain down “bomblets” on wide areas.  The bomblets often don’t explode, turning into de facto landmines that have injured thousands of civilians.  The US has been uncooperative in the global community, where an effort to ban the use of cluster bombs is being advocated by many countries.  Many people don’t know that the US used cluster bombs in the 2003 invasion of Iraq.  The Friends Committee on National Legislation has put together this moving video of a woman whose son was killed by a US cluster bomb in Iraq, and includes some good facts about cluster bombs:

Click here to urge your senators to cosponsor S. 594, a bill to protect civilians by limiting the use, sale and transfer of cluster bombs from the US.

Click here to see if your senators are already cosponsoring S. 594.

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  • cheryl erb

    All bombs are more than horrible because of the destruction, esp. loss of life.

    Thank you,


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