Stimulate Peaceful Alternatives to a War Economy.

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This week the Federal government set into motion the first phase of their economic stimulus package. That’s right, Uncle Sam is sending you about $600 with the hope you will go on a spending spree at Target and re-inflate our bloated war economy for another couple of months.

For many Americans $600 will barely cover the price of basic necessities for a week; but, Bush and his crony administration have no idea what this ‘economic crisis’ has meant for everyday working people. Just paying to get to work everyday has become an increasing struggle for all of us. As the price of fuel globally continues to rise so too will the price of food, shipping, and public transportation.

Like his father before him George Bush Junior and his Administration are out of touch with the needs of the American public. None of the multi-million dollar bureaucrats in Washington understand what it’s like to go to a store and choose between formula and prescription medications. If they did they would know how to maintain a proper budget that funds human needs and not unnecessary military bloat.

By the end of his term we will have handed over $4 trillion dollars over to the Pentagon for contracts with Boeing, Halliburton, and Booze Allen. Read the Peace Action e-Newsletter on military spending and find out where your tax dollars are headed.

A recent Associated Press poll showed 45% of the recipients plan to pay bills and 32% plan to either invest it or add it to their savings with 4% planning to give it to their favorite charities.

We’re continuing our work to combat wasteful military spending by asking those of you I that 4% to stimulate the opposition – Peace Action. You can be a part of the change you want to see; dedicate that blood money Bush is sending to something practical and positive, dedicate it to Peace Action.

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