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An election year is an important time to evaluate whether our representatives in Congress are fulfilling their roles and earning our valuable votes.  Finally, after lots of caffeine and hours of painstakingly proofreading 5,885 individual votes, our 2007 congressional scorecard is here. While staring at the grid for hours nearly drove me crazy, I am proud of what I think is a great resource for evaluating our representatives in Washington and holding them accountable.

How does your representative measure up on creating a more peaceful foreign policy?

Click here to download Peace Action West’s 2007 congressional scorecard.

We compiled eleven critical votes each in the House and Senate on Iraq, Iran, weapons spending and human rights. Did your representative bring us down the path toward war with Iran? Refuse to continue funding the illegal occupation of Iraq? Put human needs before military spending? At a time when public support for a new foreign policy is at an all-time high, our scorecard can help you determine whether your representatives in Congress are taking the kind of bold leadership we need to set a new course in our foreign policy.

Tell your representative and senators what you think of their voting records by finding them here and sending a message.

An important part of our organizing work is letting representatives know that we are watching them closely and will hold them accountable to whether or not they are moving a progressive foreign policy agenda in Congress. In addition to sharing the scorecard with you, e-mails and hard copies have been delivered to every member of Congress so they know how they measure up to our supporters’ standards.

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