Still waiting on Minnesota

 Senate candidate Al Franken with Peace Action West election organizer Dashielle Vawter As I write this blog post, I am sitting in a coffee shop in Portland waiting to meet with the State [...]

Campaign report: Washington’s 8th district

  In order to lay the groundwork for serious changes in our foreign policy in 2009, Peace Action West is supporting pro-peace candidates throughout the western states. We have sent four of [...]

Does Palin know what a precondition is?

Add the definition of "preconditions" to the ever-growing list of things Sarah Palin does not know regarding foreign policy. She appears to believe that engaging in diplomacy without [...]

Urgent! One Question for Peace Before Friday

In just a few short days, John McCain and Barack Obama will face each other and our country in the first presidential debate. Moderated by Jim Lehrer, this first debate will focus on foreign [...]