The Activist Toolkit: How we can all help end the war.

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American political culture is truly bizarre. From accusations over Obama’s religion to the overprotection of McCain’s "valiance," it’s hard not to wonder at our awesome capacity for distraction. But I still do really believe that together, we can deliver a clear mandate to policymakers, and bring about a responsible end to the war in Iraq.

To this end, we’ve put together resources that lay out the kinds of things anyone can do to push politicians for real solutions. Since few politicians are articulating the alternatives to open-ended occupation, we’ve put together resources on that as well. You can check it all out here.

One of our resources is a series of videos we made to illustrate ways to grab a candidate’s attention. This one illustrates staking out a spot on the "handshake" line. By the way, if you think this looks kind of amateurish and low budget, keep in mind that this was all done with computer animation. None of these actors are real. Seriously. We spent a billion dollars on this.

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  • Byam McGoodwin

    Please look at for a free DVD about it. Also And see Peace Is Possible by Andrea Cagan. It is a the Mighty River Press. Thank you. Byam

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