Nobody’s Ememy

 In Iran

I hope this email finds you well.  As the new school year begins and campuses across the country begin to program events, lectures and screenings as part of their curriculum, we wanted to get out in front and spread the word on our timely documentary called NOBODY’S ENEMY — The Youth culture of Iran.

It took me three years to make this documentary, having raised the funding through personal friends and individual donors so that I can bring an authentic story and share an insiders view of my birth country with you, especially in this timely and sensitive political atmosphere.  I have reached the point where the film is one technical edit away from being ‘broadcast ready’. We will be shopping it to stations across the country and already have several offers. But due to popular persuasion, and the special timing of the message of the film, I am screening the film exclusively at college campuses across the country this Fall followed by a Q&A to open a dialogue on Iran, it’s current atmosphere and what is happening right now with young people ( who, after watching the film, you will realize are virtually identical to you ) living under the current regime.

As I said, this one hour film is an insiders glimpse into the youth culture of Iran, being shown from their own perspective, and heard through their own voices.  This unprecedented film covers stories from the most recent presidential elections, to a roundtable discussion with a group of young adults and college students about their lives and their views on the West, addressing many of the topics shown in the media today, to a look into the vibrant underground music scene of the country.  We meet YAS, an Iranian rapper that has since become Iran’s #1 hip hop artist!  Referred to as the “Persian Tupac”, he is known for his socially conscious lyrics (without the use of profanity) and has been listened to and downloaded by millions across the world.

Coincidentally, YAS happens to be in the US for some promotional work and is available to travel with me and take part in some of the screenings — maybe even rap a bit for us before he heads back to Iran.  He has been featured and interviewed on CNN worldwide, BBC, National Geographic Magazine any much much more.

Many of you are well aware of Americans For Informed Democracy (AID) on their “Hope Not Hate” initiative, to further implement and promote cross cultural understanding. As an AID committee member and music and cultural advisor on Iran, AID has partnered with me in broadening this films outreach.

If you are interested in screening NOBODY’S ENEMY at your campus or want to refer us to the people in charge of your bookings, please let me know and I will put you in contact with Steve Rothstein who handles all the bookings and logistics for NOBODY’S ENEMY.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to seeing you in person and sharing my story with you.

Neda Sarmast

PS:  If you interested in seeing a few short clips, you can visit my Myspace page at

PPS: If you want more info on me personally as well as a synopsis of the film, let me know and I will email that separately.

PPPS:  My production partners Chat The Planet, three time Webby Awards winners for their short form webisodes of Hometown Baghdad, have just made a couple of short form webisodes in conjunction with Nobody’s Enemy that will be shown as well.

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