Peace Action Responds to Obama Prague Speech

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 In response to the speech President Obama gave in Hradcany Square in Prague, Czech Republic this morning, our executive director, Kevin Martin said:

“President Obama’s Prague speech was important in terms of re-asserting U.S. leadership on nuclear disarmament issues.  U.S. Senate ratification of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, negotiations on an arms reduction treaty with Russia, pursuit of a treaty to ban fissile materials and strengthened non-proliferation policies are all crucial to progress towards a nuclear-weapons free world.

“President Obama’s statement that such a world might not be achieved in his lifetime is very disappointing.  Obama can and should announce the initiation of negotiations on the global elimination of nuclear weapons.  Similarly, his promotion of nuclear power, missile defense bases in Poland and the Czech Republic and his escalation of troops in Afghanistan are all moves in the wrong direction”

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  • Mike

    A great deal of Russia’s nukes are stored dangerously so any deal between US and Rus is welcome.

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