Army getting ready for another 10 years in Iraq

10 years is a long time. But that’s how long Army chief of staff Gen. George Casey is planning for when thinking about troops staying in Iraq, and even in Afghanistan. But why the planning [...]

Studying America in Tehran

On our last day in Tehran, we had a meeting with Dr. Hosseini, professor of American Studies at Tehran University, and some of his M.A. students. The American Studies program has only existed for [...]

A carrot in one hand and a bottle behind your back

While I was out shopping near our hotel in Tehran today, I stopped in a market for a bottle of water. A man in the store named Hossein recognized that I spoke English, and when he asked where I [...]

Tourism for peace

Yesterday morning, our tour guide for Shiraz, Ashkan, picked us up at the hotel. He was very interested not only in showing us around, but in learning about the work we are doing to bring peace [...]

Road trip: Esfahan to Persepolis

Our tour guide Abbas picked us up at our hotel this morning to drive us to Shiraz, with a couple stops along the way. Today Abbas was wearing a tan hat that had “Cal” written on it in the typical [...]