The Nuclear Posture Review: Setting US nuclear weapons policy for the next decade

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Currently, the Obama administration is conducting a Nuclear Posture Review (NPR). It will serve to “to establish U.S. nuclear deterrence policy, strategy, and posture for the next five to 10 years and to provide a basis for the negotiation of a follow-on agreement to the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START). ” The new review is a major opportunity to put an end to outdated Cold War thinking, roll back the disastrous policies put in place by the Bush administration, and institutionalize the steps forward from President Obama’s Prague speech, where he stated “America’s commitment to seek the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons.”

Although the Cold War ended 20 years ago, nuclear weapons policy has not caught up. Today, the world’s 20,000 nuclear weapons (most in Russian and American stockpiles) are an increasing liability. The Clinton administration’s NPR missed an opportunity to reduce and eliminate the role nuclear weapons play in US security strategy. The Nuclear Threat Initiative details the policy in the Bush administration’s NPR that took us on an even more dangerous path:

First, although it acknowledges the much improved U.S.-Russian relationship, this review recognizes that U.S. nuclear planning must account for the fact that Russia is the only nuclear weapon state that could conceivably destroy the United States. Second, the NPR lists six other states as potential targets for U.S. nuclear weapons. Third, the NPR emphasizes the objective of maintaining and enhancing U.S. military flexibility. Fourth, it outlines a new triad consisting of offensive strike systems (which partly include the old strategic nuclear triad), defensive systems, and a responsive defense infrastructure. Fifth, the NPR emphasizes U.S. concerns about hardened and deeply buried bunkers that could contain weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Sixth, it supports maintaining a large reserve stockpile of nuclear weapons. The new NPR mainly differs from the previous administration’s nuclear policy by rejecting arms control agreements, such as the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty and the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT). It also calls for significantly shortening the time required to prepare for renewed nuclear testing.

The Washington Post had more on the poor policy in Bush’s NPR:

The policy would give U.S. presidents the option of conducting a preemptive strike with precision-guided conventional bombs or nuclear weapons.

This system, which Pentagon planners call “offensive deterrence,” would put an official end to the practice of assigning a set of fixed targets for the U.S. nuclear force, the vast majority of them in the former Soviet Union. It would replace it with a more flexible targeting scheme in which weapons could be aimed at states that threaten or use chemical, nuclear or biological arms against the United States or its allies.

The article goes on to list China, North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Syria and Libya, in addition to Russia, as the other countries the US would consider pre-emptively using nuclear weapons against. The Bush administration’s NPR led to their proposals to revamp the entire nuclear weapons complex, known as Complex Transformation, as well as develop new nuclear weapons, like the nuclear bunker buster and Reliable Replacement Warhead. While we were able to block their new nuclear weapons work, the policy is still there.

That’s why the Obama administration’s NPR will be so important. Congress required a new NPR by the incoming administration. The final NPR report to Congress will be due in early 2010. Negotiations with Russia to replace the START treaty on nuclear weapons reductions are already underway and the START talks are said to be “tightly interwoven” with the NPR process. Decisions are therefore likely being made already on nuclear weapons policy, and the fast pace of the review could mean it gets short shrift. The Department of Defense is in charge of the NPR, but it will be conducted in consultation with the Departments of Energy and State. In a briefing by the Department of Defense, several key quotes illustrated that the NPR may not be as bold and affirming of a path toward disarmament as we need:

Q So would that sort of make it a place-holder on the way to eventual Global Zero?

SR. DEFENSE OFFICIAL: Well, I think that we are certainly looking to, in the post-START negotiations, go towards further reductions.

SR. MILITARY OFFICIAL: But I don’t know that I would speculate to say that that would be a goal. Right? I mean, it’s — this NPR, from our perspective, is one about deterrence, how should we deter. And deterrence involves more than just nuclear weapons. So there are other aspects of what the department does that need to be brought to bear to deter, you know, a potential adversary from using nuclear capability.

Q On the Nuclear Posture Review — this question is for both of you — do you anticipate that it will have as a stated goal elimination of nuclear weapons, Global Zero, do you think? And do you think that that goal is achievable?

SR. DEFENSE OFFICIAL: In the president’s Prague speech, he referenced that as an ultimate goal. He also said that until that time, as long as adversaries possess nuclear weapons, we will maintain a robust and credible nuclear deterrent. And so I think, you know, this NPR is being taken in the context that he lays out in that speech, which is a desire to really strengthen non-proliferation progress, if you will; explore the possibility of further reductions in our own arsenal; while also ensuring that we take the steps necessary, both in terms of the infrastructure and the forces, to ensure that we have a safe and secure and reliable deterrent. And so that — that sort of three-pronged approach is really the conceptual frame, the starting point for the NPR.

Here are some more telling quotes from the same briefing:

SR. DEFENSE OFFICAL: Let me say a couple words about the Nuclear Posture Review. I think this is slightly narrower in focus. It is really the first comprehensive review of our nuclear posture since 2002. It will address the U.S. nuclear deterrence strategy and policy, looking at the role of nuclear weapons, international security strategy, the size and composition of our nuclear forces necessary to support the strategy, and the steps necessary to maintain a safe, reliable and credible nuclear deterrence posture.

As President Obama said in Prague, which — and his speech there was really a sort of — a great strategic framework for this review — we are placing a high priority on reducing nuclear proliferation. So in the NPR we’ll be seeking to ensure that our nuclear policies help deter our enemies, reassure our allies and also further our nonproliferation agenda.

We’ll also be conducting the NPR in close coordination with negotiations with Russia to reach a follow-on agreement to START, and those two processes will be tightly interwoven.

It is disappointing that the Obama administration and Department of Defense are missing a major opportunity to put a path toward disarmament into US nuclear weapons policy. The continued emphasis on deterrence will help encourage the nuclear status quo, which is unsustainable and poses real threats to the world. President Obama has repeatedly emphasized the need to work toward a nuclear weapons free world, and there’s a bipartisan consensus from policy heavyweights like Kissinger, Shultz, Perry, and Nunn supporting him. Other world leaders, like Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Britain’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown have stated they support a nuclear weapons free world.Without a path toward a nuclear weapons free world guiding the review, it will be much harder to achieve deeper reductions below 1500 or 1000 nuclear weapons and shrink the US nuclear weapons complex.

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  • kara j lincoln

    Thank you Cara, + folks from Peace Action West on the updates, I always appreciate..

    Cara, President Obama + associates, I think we can do better then a vision. Our human potential if we maintain sharp sensory self observation vs. belief, allows us to act on the many good folks before us that have worked for this clarity of having no weapons, along with our present folks in acts of peace daily..

    President Obama you ask for a `United we stand program across the US. this is an example of kind gestures for folks unable to concentrate on our reality of why our economy is war based.

    Our sensors if sharp receive infinite energy + with those of us that don’t claim to be maintaining 100%, are clear enough to know that you ask for public volunteer, when yet many of us have issues + can’t afford to survive with basic stores, no means for balanced small farm diverse food for nutrition, + we have a list from folks simply living natural lives simply to fulfill these requirements for a balanced environment that is our best medicine..

    It is this programming folks that are not self-developed that continue these aggressive
    behaviors from what I feel, + I’m asking Peace Action west to link with me, in future once our tools in place: To show with research comparing good science with bad, how our neurological processes work most efficient. How we judge + comply, thinking this is all there is.Well folks I’m sorry to say your missing a few important points.

    Where is our human family collaborating on priority issues, supported from you representing the people? you suggest many good programs, but no precedence of priority. Why not? It is people of this planet in pockets that have lived in harmony, naturally, within nature’s limits from the beginning of time + continue to carry on ways that work.

    To take the existing war economy, which I call war hor corporations, that are symbiotic of military around the world. whether they aware of it or not. you President Obama + associates, whom do not represent all the people of US or the rest of the world, have taken part in supporting, by acting on unreal belief vs. face to face in time communication with all involved..

    You allow, unclear people. allow them daily to produce services/products that ecologically interfere in our natural habitats as well human + all life at the end of their focus. People could change this. in `United we serve, it can start. Now just let this provide the subjects of prioritizing what interferes in our ability to self sustain + become aware of our human processing capabilities. Now days virtual tools, which you folks could use more of. that are actually free or at low cost for many when done efficiently for people to be plugged into themself, with community + with energy. no layers between them. + when used can benefit good things.

    Like getting people to go eye to eye + follow thru with building their lives sustaining from ecological sustainabilty that can be coevolved now.. Once we the people + you become one again, which is true democracy, then people in communities across the world can self-sustain, without you allowing the feeding process from the residual energy of this symbiotic relationship that is presently beyond your control.

    But good science can harness it along with the sensitive folks skilled such as Prof. Miguel Altieri. Google him, he offers openly nice skills + shows how the green movement, Al Gore” supported affiliates have degraded our ecosystems. Your ideals of energy programs are deluded + in the air. Each bioregion has potential for it to sustain + can have hybrid alternative energy that is friendly that prioritizes our rivers, fresh clean water to flow to neighbors, not be blocked. Prioritizing large browsers trans –boundary migration for if we make them happy they lead our path to migrate as a human family.

    Where is this thought, why do you isolate to US boundaries? what happens with the energy that flows within our meridians + when we process, articulate our potential then communicate it locally, then you stop it with illusionary boundaries put up from whom + why? to control what? this planet is for all life, what makes you people think you can waste resources, get paid what you get, put out your fees to the public town meeting along with your medical insurance received, not offered to public.

    What happen to public service of volunteering as you ask folks to do know? Or from those folks that started this democratic process? now look at what the military makes in their signed contracts, symbiotic relations with war decisions based on what? your ideals of reality are incomplete + out of real time + context to the small community people that you may of just attacked in your search for a delusional excuse to offset the real truth of a war hor wanting more control of a natural resource or the residual energy left from this act?

    We can self-sustain + become aware of what our minds are thinking, what are children perceive + sadly a lot of people with this undeveloped child within are not fortunate to be home schooled in a beautiful community of folks that live within natures limits, learn to respect all life. rather they are programmed to watch what is on TV + radio when folks not reporting full story, subjected to public schools, some old outdated unreal history or even unskilled teachers, not to mention family’s restricting children + no community connection for natural reality, discussing natural growth, sex, evolution, peace, these issues for good minds to act. rather fragmentation of what is allowed in 1 place or not allowed in another + then taken to another part of the world + abusing. Where folks unable to control. Then US folks ask why children killed others in school or themselves, or friends on the street?

    Take a look at Howard Zinn’s ideal of book for children as he rewrites history. or how he states what president killed how many people when they acted with weaponry/misjudgement + someday all will be held accountable personally for your negative effects on others, as well now we hold you responsible now, we don’t want to deal with after the fact. we want you to act now with folks now. folks effected by + ones you attack bring eye to eye + let us all decide in open communication. + do the same with folks you support with weaponry, bring eye to eye, along with military monetary exchange sheet. folks that make money off this exchange bring eye to eye. + see that you resist + interfere with 1 hand + support weaponry exchange in another, while you negotiate with the other. leaving confusion.

    this is wrong. we do not support you to do this.. Our policy can be over encumbering meaning we can write law to stop anyone internationally from doing harm to life: that means no person or business or corporation should be allowed to do ecological damage because it disrupts our people symbiotic relationship which we are solely dependent on for our symbiotic relationship for our small farms + our wild life to remain wild. Prof. Miguel Altieri can explain this very clearly.

    So when dig for oil, mine or when pass zoning or give business license to folks that destroy ecologically or interfere in life rights, as in the Congo mining situation as in where women repeatedly get raped from soldiers + miners + 10 women a day have surgery because they don’t just rape or gang rape repeatedly they put gun up + shoot their vaginas, + even after surgery they rape again. meanwhile we buy these mining products every day from companies that sell products, sony sound system, cell tel, tungsten medical equipment, etc.

    if we stopped buying they would not mine + ethical miners could be supported internationally, until this resolved locally. what should policy enforce locally + for local participants that do such irresponcible acts afar? It allows folks to remain unaware so other folks can do planetary damage, keep interfering in people’s ability to self-develop + obtain awareness. then folks struggling that become ill, still not get opportunity to become aware of our inner tools to heal. No rather the western medical folks that are hors feed off of them. with a lot of good folks trapped in the existing system. Meanwhile pharmaceuticals support doctors with very little pharmaceutical required curriculum + financially gain from the sales. They get lost with patients + drugs administered too long, too much + now new medical issues from side effects.

    Dr. Yun Wan from Seattle that teaches can show medical drs. some nice analysis + follow thru, as well folks to do on own. As well taper off from harmful drugs to natural herbs over time + then taper off the herbs + now body’s natural mechanism’s strong again to self –sustain folks to become aware of how they misuse. some folks fall in between these cracks, no insurance, no money for nice bulk herbal remedied to build up + once again sharpen sensors so we can sort our life perceptions out instead of staying in the cloud, accepting when yet to see our true potentials. or better regulate insurance companies to stop medical drs, etc from performing + send to awareness training. which insurance does in some areas support + cover + can all over this planet natural medicine. with less side effects.

    along with teaching self awareness to young children + the community as they come together in community exchange with their awareness of becoming sensitive to the ecological systems that truly sustain our biological existence. so folks are healthy in mind + body + not aggressive. holding people accountable.

    I know President + Lady you have heart along with many + you think ex; your park clean up is a start for your project, but our overview of our ecological sustainability is desperate + your not addressing these issues that distress folks + then folks with ill effects become aggressive, because it is our human ill state. then you aggressively attack them, vs. support them to self-express, they need to release vented energy that is disassociated + we can truly discover why they say what they do???? + stop provoking + stop hurting already ill folks. + stop irresponsibly putting negative effects on others, while blindly pursuing own congress, senate etc. associated that are too out dated, ill minded, very excessively wastefull + good folks trapped in between trying to bring peace to all now..

    your not allowing good young energy to be recycled in these positions held where only a local active participant should be a representative in a exchangeble role bringing + exchanging information to the nation + international forum. recycle this + take part in international recycling of all unhealthy positions/policies,etc. that interfere in our self-sustaining ecological survival for all life. so add this to your project. It is not always a terrorist from just being ill. it is rather folks that are being interfered with continually + their ability to self-sustain is affected.

    Just as the folks in Iran + the rest of the world that are in upheaval + attempting to protest. Well it is these areas that need to be examined in more detail for the President of Iran that folks think they don’t like, may be bringing to attention issues of western ways that are not being laid out on the table. The world controlling folks supported by corporate hors have pulled in thru osmosis folks as you, President Obama. Are you aware of your puppet strings? Well these folks that are engrained in wealth + power have no means to letting go. Now don’t get me wrong, when some folks say the only answer is to eliminate certain folks on this planet that do this, I disagree.

    I aim to show in some upcoming events that you + them that are making decisions, supporting acts such as weapons, war, business license + land use zoning, etc. supporting these folks to ecologically do wrong + interfere in our life rights, should remove yourself from your position + rethink or heal. + why. + allow folks that have no problem concentrating on our ability to sit down with all factions at a cloth or table setting, open it to the world + let sensitive skilled folks decipher whom is effecting whom, how to make up for it, how to stop it + how to take advantage of our unique world now + beyond + totally make a transition based on our ecological survival.

    Do you know the creative ways to rebuild/rehab a human life? do you realize all those jobs needed to do this? from people, not military, let them become a human active local community/global participant once again. let them heal. People now in pockets stop monoculture farms from doing practice in their communities. Ok so where does big farmer, big business, big subsidizing from government go? When we farmed I said why couldn’t we in the community sit down + decide who will grow what on whose best-fitted land for that species. no I was told, rather government subsidizing pays me not to plant. Well I could not take that money from people because that law had no common sense.

    When a monoculture comes into our area it totally depletes the natural mechanism to sustain our life with nutritional crops. Pesticides, toxic chemicals make us sick then we go to dr. that may feed off us remaining unaware. or find a dr. that can tell you how to grow a community garden + become aware in these issues as we the people work together to sort this out. Or you allow genetic modified seeds that are not nutritious + interfere again in our natural process for our wild diversity. Plus so many illegal unethical lawsuits you allow to continue to hide these issues. + then people settle out of court to shut people up. good people that have worked hard in research to develop good science.

    Mrs. Obama you bring fructose corn etc. to attention. don’t you see your missing what is really the root + if we address the intent together, more people can be in peace + have basic stores. can you see your daughters on the street homeless running from someone with a hatchet, like the rhwandan genocide that many sat back + watched. can you imagine your daughters without you + your husband as they see you get blown up? well come on, you are in a powerful seat with others, yet have dulled your senses. due to your perspective, which I not blaming you, I have compassion. but i do say if you cannot get to priorities now then you should remove yourself. for lifes are on hold or in terrible conditions, while you every day have cook, lovely garden + daughters, have staples, plus. meanwhile acts right now from within your control are endangering + killing life.

    so please rethink or rid your self. + you can be appreciated in the community work you want to do + go do it locally + global. but these present deadly held positions are controlling many lives now. It is good sensitive skills based on living as a local natural citizen of this planet that fuel us to receive the energy we all have the potential to receive. By maintaining our self-sensory observation over what our body is experiencing, when emotions, thoughts, feelings are self-expressed in creative expression.

    After we have lived with energy efficiency, prioritizing function of our sustainability. Our food, our clean air, our bio-waste recycled into hybrid energy sources for fuel, hot water, servers from computers becoming part of our ecological solutions vs. waste. As they can produce our hot water + fuel for heat, etc. Gaia web host folks are doing it, they can show you. many of us live on solar, less than 20 dollars a month or so for electricity when at dock working on issues. less than few hundred a month for lease, cooking fuel + heat. Working to get out of debt from others negative effects left to be irresponsible, which we allowed them to effect us. as we continue to put up a nice exchange in our offerings, sharing positive acts.

    What do you pay? what does a lobby supporting military weapon production get? + why is their power being allowed to influence?+ receive?

    If we follow a belief of untruth from history books still taught, out dated, or from folks unfortunate to stay open + sharp with their human sensors, those that had to survive by behaviors picked up from their folks in attempts to survive. With limited community outreach. Then we do not go forward. We stay in tiger by the tail with repeating history.

    Enough destruction has taken place on this genetically disease is getting so altered from so much death + lack of sanitary conditions, that we are a breeding ground for more to come. now we can easily obtain tools by networking, we are so fortunate to have access to information. we can actually apply it, not be lost in it. we can use virtual world to become aware + become a local community citizen that is global how? By simply following thru with life energy.

    we want good small farm local grown organic food, such as in Miguel’s agro-ecology farmed food, supporting clean water, warmth, waste disposal, natural medicine, good harmony in self-expression, music, arts, all mediums where folks can relate in self- expression. For what is important + then equate to the reality of a more energy efficient means for harmony to stop self mis-use.

    As we allow + support those unable, not make codependent but allow a child + disabled to be an equal community participant in our transition from this present war torn mode illusive destructive energy based economy producing dull senses + then lost in incomplete good science to promote healing + awareness training to balance + maintain our energy for harmony to self-develop natural lives to respect life.

    Well folks we’ll continue to network what works + work at the detail to attempt to make you understand, meanwhile as I said before the white house should be this museum + awareness training center, not your home President + lady Obama. You should go have a natural life + go back into the local community of your choice + once again become a true community global participant where you + your family are happiest.

    Have you looked in the mirror lately or self-reflected with the energy in your body + the effect it is leaving on you + others locally + at the end of your focus? together we can network this for all folks to do the same, + we can part time give full time support measures made for those unable until able. Become aware so that our natural boundaries define where we go + what we do so we don’t over extend + deplete, rather as community we define our food, define our land for growth, set aside, migration for all humans/wildlife + not interfere in natural growth + let plant succession be our best wildlife management plan.

    To build on for ex; agro-ecology can enhance a wild bio-diverse area. healthy humans accept nothing less then this natural living for themselves or for their family. we can’t just live for our children’s future. if we don’t live now responsibly + evolve in this transition, which many folks are fortunate + doing + we hope to network + exchange these ideals in our upcoming network. along with Peace Action West + many other global local folks do_in to simply be for all.

    if we don’t work on this local + global transition for all folks to figure out to do the same, then we will have an accident with existing weaponry of all kinds, as well the folks now that are suffering will be prolonged as many die + many without food, not to mention bio-diverse organic balance for nutrition for young + old, along with requirements for food + herbs to heal. .

    this is what I say about our human potential to see with open minds, for our self, for our child, for our neighbor. ok why do some stop their, we can become aware of how we stop our emotional assessment, ex; we don’t see what we support or not support allows other folks to continue to do this ecological destruction on our symbiotic tools for our sustainability. the tools/products/services/people should not get licensed to do. That simple.

    We can do that with our community zoning + policy’s reinforced + rewritten which many are now doing. making own city ordinances. So not need government people that are left in this distraught psycho-neurological inability to see with us, simple common sense:

    ER priorities, representing many balanced skilled good science folks, bringing this to our attention, so we respond locally + network globally what works. Yes we respect our deceased + folks alive too much to not carry on their good work as we edit /sort what is appropriate for us in this time. this is what we call democracy, what we do daily.

    not how our loved ones suffered + died terribly + still are without or abused by bad western medicine in the US + around the world.

    we ask government heads that no longer are a community participant rather responding to loose energy that in past has been allowed to exist, where now we can harness it.;

    What do you do daily? How do you boon with the universal life energy + how do you sort + articulate this natural energy + why don’t you set a table/cloth for the real reasons not disclosed to the public.
    Ex; the presidents people controlled by the world group (examine the excess waste of these folks, the G meetings, the few that gained control by drug income, booze runners back when, greed during depression + list goes on into present day monopolies + the power they have when we allow it, due to being unaware of the negative effects they leave on life, programmed or naive, etc.) of folks that produce puppets + when those puppets don’t agree with those folks then they don’t remain.

    Perhaps we should review what the president of Iran’s message truly is as we can become clearer in how they feel these folks in the world want a different regimen to be in place to do what? See this is what is hard when folks struggle to break away from this world deluded power that is beyond people, they get lost in weaponry, stay self- important thinking their role must continue, lost + unable to see the big picture. this is what military entities are. Lost + lead by what??

    our movement to network fills in the missing threads we could not see but felt. now we can bring it to cloth/table + communicate change.

    I’ve spoke to a few military teachers of nuclear machines, war/science folks that left it to reconstruct their life. lost in the corp. hor play out associated to the world military. People don’t realize how such stuff could occur, rather I see some of the Iranians’ thinking they are like good Americans, well we are all good in heart + don’t mean to be blind but are to the real puppet makers.

    it is this hidden agenda that needs to come to the forefront. for presidents put in place are controlled by the association of wanting strategic military access, natural resources for military use, own agendas, etc. + this viscous cycle continues. as Bush + Chaney did with republics, putting in a puppet regimen + then Russia got blamed for it. Or look at our self + the products we purchase, how are they made, where?? + what?? working conditions?? child labor?? + the fuel to transport them, examine this issue. why fight war over fuel if we can stop consuming it unwisely.

    so we need to understand + then do a self-review + networks like this help us understand whom + what we blindly have supported in 1 hand while other being has worked for human peace for all.

    Public transportation, bicycle for good health + get to know locally who lives where, what plant, what specie + enjoy the beautiful transition of growth + evolution. we can live local + network how it works as many live in harmony doing this, raising/evoloving with beautiful natural people, old + young allowed to be alive + interrelate.

    living supporting folks + products within 100 miles of themselves within the natural boundaries of what their ecosystems offer. President Obama, Lady + folks, we can define + shift this energy. but not by just making a city park in the US. we want folks to have a home with basic stores everywhere on this planet. so when our daughters awake with a creative ideal, they don’t just share it with the peopl on 1 side of the street. rather it is networked to our human family that we share this planet + beyond with. anything else then we hold you accountable for suppressing human potential, for our thoughts instantly go around the world + to think we should not connect with our thought + prohibit others to stay on their side of the border, is a human mistake in judgement.

    we as the human species can become aware to not interfere in our ecological sustainable boundaries. this should be our only law. this can guide us to rewrite the policies that restrict us. + rid all those polices that don’t allow us to evolve with the democracy that is here as a tool for us all to fine tune with for our ecosystem.

    do a self-review, look at the definition of example a director. now evolve with what can work as we collectivly + interchangeably, discuss + have 1 research another alternate way + then their job is to bring this back to our local community, so we all can decide.

    how ddid these roles allow folks to leave our community + then make their own mind us + decide for us or because a setting occured + no one showed, then policy got created from the limited mindsets addressing that issue at that moment.

    now do you realize how 1 person’s perspective can be altered from their inability?? it takes a communnity networking with neighbors working within natural boundaries to share our natural resources.

    do you see all the work this takes to get back to a simple natural life?

    well many of us do it with part time networking fragments that we reinstitute into our life personally + locally. so we thank this world + beyond offerings.

    we can now live life if we center + ground + stop supporting products/services that the weapon corp hors feed off of. as they are lost + just support more extremism.

    rather combatants are just the end loose energy from the intent of the manipulators lost in their attempt to pull puppet strings. as they interpersonnally are unbalanced, chacing own agenda + should be immediately removed from their position or role rid. + allowed to rethink + heal. for their deluded decision making is causing negative effects at the end of the focus as more extremists are being produced from this loose energy.

    so please lets all of us do our homework + network.

    if you are lucky enough to awaken to life, vs being bombed.

    Thank you for this review + together we can figure this out, but you have to open to all folks, leaving no thought unattended.

    Peace is an option for us all know!

    we can redirect the military mindset into rehab mode + recycle all weapons ASAP. + redirect energy into healing + awareness training for our global family. not do for them but to help the weak, the sick, until the local community regains tools, as we want here today as in the many balanced natural communities in harmony are already do_in to be.

    don’t just let our thoughts + our children’s perceive life energy + then block them by putting a fence up from our neighbors. That fence means a lot to a child’s beautiful potential. mean while this same child perceives a child hungry afar. so don’t you President Obama + Lady want to help your child be open, maintaining sharp sensors, being aware of what her whole body + mind processes right now vs be lost + enslaved. from a belief of the past that steals her moment, or as in the thought someone is evil + we should kill them.

    meanwhile a Taliban group or terrorist has children + family. + they are fighting from limited awareness yet you attack them. by allowing old policy to continue, etc. with weapons, drone mode vs eye to eye aware communication. does it not feel to you that you are attacking an undeveloped child? + look at all the healthy community around them that you have left negative effects on while you targeted basically children in adult bodies.

    bombing, loosing whole communities?? Don’t we want our children, your daughter to love her sister just as much as her neighbor next door along with the neighbor in Iran or Afghanistan or where the taliban are? don’t you want to invite the taliban, the terrorists to your cloth/table + let all self-express?

    what if your daughter grew up with undeveloped perspective + developed a group of limited thought? would you just turn the drones on her?

    How could you + I hope you have changed your mindset to want to kill someone you have never sat down + talked to. Not to mention truly define how this dissassociated energy created terrorist crisis from a mindset that had no clue of harnessing this energy, as a resultant of the corp. hor symbiotic military feeding party. that does not make it real?

    This external energy interferes in all life that is untrained to block out, center + ground themselves. now look at the Nuclear + very toxic weapons you have on this planet? look at the mindsets to want more weapons as Peace Action West states now being acted upon.

    don’t you think our attention to this matter is abit over due?? so when your program United reaches out will this be a priority? or a park? do you realize the folks, the veterans, the military active, how confused they are around the world + require some real sence of peace?

    Look at the so-called leaders in your seats + ask yourself if a virtual office can fill your seat better, should it be rid or recycled. Mrs. Bush redesigned the Whitehouse, + refurbished, so let it stand as a museum to take this moment for peace + do it now. let the gardens continue as you bring in folks locally to feed community projects local + around the world so all can eat this food for thought.

    Let the white house develop a virtual office network that can build retrospect for folks to become human, not lost in information, rather sharp sensors interrelating building communities that allow us true fuel form our acts boon with balanced environments, that don’t need western old medical ways. or politics the way they are. if any. Yes those hors can come around to for we all have a part to play here in our existence to make this happen, so don’t think your life is useless, no matter how bad or how much death you have supported or been part of, your true heart can gain calm balance for you to maintain, if we set up training awareness.

    we can go beyond the blockages religion, old story, has left within us now. now sharp sensors perceiving now live is real + that is not being lived. too many folks confused + allowing story of belief to steal their precious moment. from what we can do locally eye to eye with nature guiding those that read it best, ex; Prof. Miguel’s guidence for productivity yield working within natural guidelines..

    Danie Kitchell, this could be spelt wrong, has worked for government in past. she has excellent virtual skills, with our direction. to turn this existing government + all in the world to be energy efficient, where folks are trained to be aware + allow sensitive skilled to guide while we make decisions together. where people see daily what is needed for a spokesman, which is best if a recyclable role, from a community member to collect data + come back to the local community to apply + follow thru until balance occurs.

    We do not have to reinvent the wheel. We are all an open book. we are all capable to learn to self-observe. How is this different then now? now we have undeveloped people voting for fragmentation, without clear human perspective of our potential to process energy for our livelihood + all life equally. So to fight the evil is of a sick mind. + we will further discuss this with a few scientists down the road. + show how folks really as I stated above not aware of the damage we do. + a list of folks will be asked to remove themselves from present position from self observation, + if can’t identify then we will give detail of body language in an analysis + ask for their removal in a people’s movement, once more understand the good tools we have now for peace in communicating. once we become a whole healthy human.

    we have incredible inner toools. + we no longer can allow foolish man made policy that is aggressive to interfere in our life.we can better now redirect our energy into our self + our neighbor local + afar. We have folks sleeping in areas where they get awakened to move by authorities, leaving them more sleep deprived as a homeless. Not to mention folks on the street down from you, + others where missions don’t even allow them in. as I stated before Russians rotate so no one is homeless. As we open our sensor’s we open to the world + see the richness we are so fortunate to have at this time. please stop pushing US confinements, we are living organisms + planet + beyond fuels us as biological organisms. plus we have great human species potential to communicate + evolve.

    This country has abundant excess waste + empty rooms, where folks if coordinate + recycle can not only give a person a warm shower + bed but also open one’s heart to enrich one again with an opportunity to come alive as we share, not just to next door neighbor or give money to afar, then feel good that we did something. But truly get to the root of why we can walk across the road + another can’t. or why refugees still on the run + displaced, when we can act now with our global family + do this global + beyond ER triage openly in cloth/table discussion with the world. not just small entities doing assessment, unacted, hidden or lost information..

    We can heal these folks, whether we took part consciously or not, we are all humanly responsible for life on this planet + beyond. so no waste in blame or guilt, rather take this draining energy + redirect it now into positive acts addressing self-misuse 1st + what we support. Then together join in with sensitive folks to lead us. come talk story or talk with others + we have + many have natural harmony to share, based on hands in the dirt origin..those that have been repressed from this war economy, where folks think it is the only economy.

    We have as in this forum + many others freely to communicate now. + do solutions now + it fuels human energy without depleting more natural resources of the earth + beyond. by quieting our mind we can enter the wild where the birds’ don’t alert the other animals, so now we have the opportunity to really appreciate large browsers + once they are left to freely roam it sits the path for us as humans to once again + for some first time, come together as a human family in peace.. thankyou for taking the time to allow this to trigger that which is deep within you. that which has yet to have your calm focus, to feel the early cues to self-develop + create with, once you prioritize function, energy efficience. only then will creative energy come out.

    thank you Peace Action West for the fine detail updates that people in powerful positions are failing to prioritize + it is up to us to make a democracy where, we the people can exchange our in time local + beyond feelings, in our virtual + real mechanisms in place to calmly create with them. yes pockets of good folks fortunate to do_in + now is the time for our human family to have same opportunity locally to build own tools. so lets network.

  • Ray

    United states is being attacked by dictators attempting to develop nuculear weapons, and threatning our sovereinty. You want US to just be nice and join hands and pray? For some Reason these dictators don’t want to do that. Go convince them then I will join your “anti-nuclear be nice group”. Start with North Korea!

  • kara j lincoln


    Excuse me if I’ve misled you, I don’t pray.
    1st I feel we don’t get open information of the reality of what weaponry exists. With all the manipulation I’ve seen in the U.S. judicial system, I know there is neither ethics nor justice in all cases.

    You say they may attack, why? I agree we are children yet to maintain sharp sensors, when it comes to state of health, fear, delusion + communication with ourselves. If we have sharp sensors we don’t listen to delusion, we make decision on analytical observation in time, not fact of outdated history, which may be misinformation. As far as fear, when we face eye to eye we can discuss + gain clarity by following thru with story from folks holding locals accountable.

    Yes there are sick minds in charge of dangerous materials. We all experience human error. But having the awareness that we can work this out, calm our emotions + together define ways, certainly makes us healthier. So I suggest we don’t just group a lot of issues in our response, rather change our perspective, which can change our response. This we can do when we learn our early signs to control our emotions.

    Peace with compassion for addressing the long over due struggles + the disassociated energy it creates, resulting in a delusional state, brings us to clarity if we follow thru with the signs. We are an open book once we define to take a look. Feels better + gives us problem solving mechanisms/strategies when we work together, rather than hypothecating a negative experience which just adds stress.

    Plus it is people concerned like you, with energy that can be redirected if willing to do an exchange. That we would enjoy working with so we can set up a space, which we are doing in a blog/forum, to bring together clarity. As well Peace Action West has set this stage. if we are not right next to these people or walking in their shoes for 9 months as some folks say. The gist is we don’t have the reality of what is. But if we bring together story in real time from a few, we can do our best to rid them of their need to do scare tactics, for yes I agree their cards on the table are a little different then the many unethical acts the judicial systems allow.

    What we want to do is to, in an exchange rid these people of their secondary emotions that have been created; it is normal human behavior that comes, with their anger/threats/needs for bartering, left unaddressed. + Bring them to the human realization that our inner tools allow us to learn early signs + in a positive exchange we can build tools to help us self-sustain. Not fear based but in harmony, as many folks are fortunate to do, in pockets around the world, that we hope to continue to connect with as we network these tools.

    Peace is now for many + if we continue to talk, we can allow more to become aware + obtain it, for we each have to work these inner tools to get it.

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