Why am I in Afghanistan?

Why am I in Afghanistan? When many people were concerned about the Bush administration bombing another country unjustly, namely Iran, I decided I needed to go to the country to find out about [...]

Obama vs. the generals: brewing conflict over troop increase in Afghanistan

Thanks to the leaking of General McChrystal’s confidential assessment of the situation in Afghanistan, we can be assured that the anticipated request for more troops will be forthcoming, with [...]

New Nukes or Not?

Secretary of Defense Gates is still pushing for new nuclear weapons. At an Air Force Association conference this Wednesday, Gates: previewed findings of the ongoing Nuclear Posture Review by [...]

Viva Mexico! Viva la Revolucion!

Yesterday and today, Mexico celebrates its 1810 and 1910 revolutions (so next year will be una fiesta muy grande!). While this is a big generalization to make, my sense from being in Mexico City [...]