Obama doesn't deserve Peace Prize yet, says leading U.S. group

 In Afghanistan

Peace Action says Obama does not deserve Nobel Peace Prize yet

Washington, D.C. – Reacting to today’s announcement of President Obama
as the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, Peace Action’s Executive
Director Kevin Martin challenged the Obama Administration to live up to
the honor.

“It is ironic that this award comes on the same day that the Wall Street
Journal is reporting that the administration is considering sending as
many as 60,000 more troops to Afghanistan. President Obama needs to
prove that he really is a force for peace. He can do that by refusing to
put more troops in Afghanistan, and instead committing to a non-military
solution that doesn’t destabilize a nuclear-armed Pakistan like a surge

Martin added that the president is moving in the right direction on
nuclear disarmament but hasn’t done nearly enough yet to warrant a Nobel
Prize. He said there is a hunger for a new, less militaristic US foreign
policy around the world, but again, Obama’s modest changes in certain
policies in the first 9 months on the job don’t warrant a Peace Prize.
“If you did deserve it, you would stop the surge,” Martin challenged the

The comments come on the heels of a trip to Afghanistan by Peace
Action’s Political Director Paul Kawika Martin (no relation to Kevin
Martin). On the trip, he saw the effects of the war firsthand, with
visits with every stratum of society. He learned that the war is
undermining any future peace in the region. Air strikes terrorize
civilians, detention paralyzes society and the Afghan economy has been
decimated, with at least 40% unemployment.

Peace Action is the nation’s largest grassroots peace network, with a
membership of over 100,000, and chapters and affiliates in 30 states.
For more than 50 years, Peace Action has been a leader in the struggle
for a safer world with fewer nuclear weapons. Peace Action has achieved
victories in successful campaigns to ban landmines, end nuclear weapons
testing, cut funding for Star Wars and new nuclear weapons and stop arms
transfers to nations that abuse human rights.

For booking information or telephone interviews with either Kevin
Martin, Executive Director, or Paul Kawika Martin, Political Director,
please contact Ron Zucker, Associate Director of Campaigns for Kelley
Campaigns, at (301) 887-1060 x112, or via email at

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  • Carlos Da Silva

    “Oh white dove of Peace
    Why are you so ineffective?
    Every where I see
    your innocent wings spread
    Usually as an ad sign
    above methadone clinics
    refugee camps
    and close to ganglands.
    Those who fly your sign
    offer but kind words
    and sweets
    Against needles
    and .45 Colts

    Why are your ways so docile?
    When the stick of those who beat you
    have a rusty nail attached to it?
    Your olive branch is either vandalized
    or pulled out of context
    and drawn on a Virgin Bottle,
    for cooking.
    Why does
    Soap, chocolate ice cream bars
    Benign, sluggish
    carry your Name?

    Dove of Peace,
    Do you see that Eagle of War circling above you?
    It is hungry, return to your lair!
    Your useless skinny wings
    Are no match for its Razor Claws
    Its Nightvision
    Its Vector thruster wings
    You are Doomed

    Dove of Peace,
    Your name is brought up in Fancy Speeches,
    But No One comes to your Funeral!
    Or is it Funerals?
    Your birth is a big deal,
    yet you die
    Like a quiet, obedient dog
    Under the stairs of the basement
    Away from caring eyes.”

  • Molly

    I agree! Thanks for speaking your mind!

  • Maryjane

    With President Obama taking office on Jan 20th and the nominations due by 1 Feb, how can anything worthwhile be accomplished in 10 days? What does this say about the current state of the Nobel Peace Prize?

  • Mad Bluebird

    Giving the peace prize to obama is a travisty might as well give it to OSAMA BIN LADEN or CHARLE MANSON

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