Hear from the women of Afghanistan

 In Afghanistan

As politicians and pundits debate sending more troops to Afghanistan, many of them will argue that we need to protect the women and girls of Afghanistan with military force. But what is the situation on the ground really like for women in Afghanistan?

We’ve heard enough from the William Kristols and Joe Liebermans of the world. If you’re in the Bay Area, join us at these upcoming events to hear from the brave activists who put themselves in danger every day to improve the lives of women and girls in Afghanistan. If you’re not close by, there are events happening around the country; click here to see if these speakers are coming to your area.

1. AFGHAN WOMEN SPEAK OUT – One night only.
An evening with Zoya of the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan

For more than thirty years RAWA has organized inside Afghanistan and in the refugee camps of Pakistan for a nation free of war and fundamentalism, that respects women’s rights and human rights

Sunday, October 25th, 5-7pm, at the San Francisco Friends Meeting House
Click here for more information.

2. A WOMAN AMONG WARLORDS – Two appearances
An evening with Malalai Joya

Afghan politician Malalai Joya has been called “the bravest woman in Afghanistan.” In May 2007, Joya was suspended from the parliament on the grounds that she had insulted fellow representatives in a television interview. Her suspension, which is currently being appealed, has generated protest internationally. She has recently released a memoir entitled, “A Woman Among Warlords: The Extraodinary Story of an Afghan Who Dared to Raise Her Voice.”

Sunday, November 8th, 2:30-4:30pm, at the Northbrae Community Church, Berkeley
Click here for more information.

Tuesday, November 10th, 7:00pm, at the International House, University of California, Berkeley
Click here for more information.

The best way we can activate and inspire Americans to end the war is to build understanding of the reality of war, and the positive alternatives we can support that will truly help Afghans and Americans. Learning from the people who live this situation daily is one of the most important steps we can take.

I hope to see you at these important and inspirational events.

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