NYTimes OpEd: "More Schools, Not Bombs" for Afghanistan

 In Afghanistan, Pakistan

The New York Times ran an OpEd by Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Nicolas Kristoff calling for more “more schools, not troops” for Afghanistan. We need a lot more like these, because right now we’re trying to rebuild Afghanistan with bombs. Here’s one of the highlights:

The hawks respond: It’s naïve to think that you can sprinkle a bit of education on a war-torn society. It’s impossible to build schools now because the Taliban will blow them up.

In fact, it’s still quite possible to operate schools in Afghanistan — particularly when there’s a strong “buy-in” from the local community.

Greg Mortenson, author of “Three Cups of Tea,” has now built 39 schools in Afghanistan and 92 in Pakistan — and not one has been burned down or closed. The aid organization CARE has 295 schools educating 50,000 girls in Afghanistan, and not a single one has been closed or burned by the Taliban. The Afghan Institute of Learning, another aid group, has 32 schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan, with none closed by the Taliban (although local communities have temporarily suspended three for security reasons).

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