Obama's decision: say no to escalation

 In Afghanistan

President Obama just met yesterday with his advisers, and the reports we’re hearing indicate he is leaning toward sending 20,000 to 40,000 more troop to Afghanistan. He is going to announce his decision in the next few weeks. The public has soured on the war, the Afghan government is failing, and the casualties continue to rise. Is Obama going to give in to the people who want to throw more troops at this problem?

Call President Obama today at 1-888-310-8637 and tell him you want an alternative in Afghanistan that doesn’t put more troops and Afghans in harm’s way.

Here’s a sample script you can use, but please feel free to put it in your own words:

“I’m calling to tell President Obama that I oppose sending additional troops to Afghanistan. I want to see my tax dollars spent on diplomacy and development, not putting more troops and Afghans in harm’s way.”

It seems like every day, another leading figure points out the folly of escalating the war in Afghanistan. We had Matthew Hoh, the Foreign Service Officer who resigned over the war in Afghanistan, tell the administration that “I fail to see the worth or value in continued U.S. casualties or expenditures of resources in support of the Afghan government in what is truly a 35-year-old civil war.” Yesterday, news broke that US Ambassador to Afghanistan Karl Eikenberry – a former military commander in Afghanistan — sent classified cables showing he has “deep concerns” about sending additional troops.  President Obama needs to listen to these people, and he needs to listen to us.

Call President Obama today at 1-888-310-8637 and tell him to say no to escalation in Afghanistan.

Last night, I had the honor of hearing Afghan activist and member of parliament Malalai Joya speak. She has been telling members of the US Congress that the silence of good people is worse than the action of evil people, and that the last thing Afghanistan needs is more troops. President Obama needs to know that the public is not behind a decision to risk more lives and money on a failed war. Thank you for your efforts at this critical time.

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  • 25outof25centralasia

    Rebecca: Thanks for the post and telling us about your seeing Malalai Joya last night. We saw her in San Jose, CA on Nov. 7 and I posted a story about her on my Blog:


    We are dedicated to Ending the War(s) NOW in Central Asia.
    Thank you for your posts.

    • Rebecca Griffin

      Thanks for spreading the word about Malalai Joya. I heard her speak in Berkeley earlier in the week and will post more details about the event soon.

  • Jeff Shapiro

    It would have been helpful had this notice noted that one can only leave messages on the White House Line between 9 and 5….

    Jeff Shapiro

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