"Replacing International Oppression with International Aid"

 In international aid

Check out this recent article by Peace Action historian Larry Wittner at the History News Network.

The outpouring of humanitarian aid from numerous nations for the suffering people of Haiti is truly extraordinary — particularly when set against the shabby record of the past…

After all, in previous centuries the French government invaded Haiti, enslaved its people and, when the Haitians arose and drove out the French, subsequently crippled its economy by foisting a huge reparations burden upon the nation.  The American government was not much more generous, for it refused to establish diplomatic relations with Haiti for nearly six decades, imposed a trade embargo upon it, occupied it militarily from 1915 to 1934, backed ruthless dictators, and helped oust democratically-elected governments.  Other nations have unclean hands, as well.

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    Haiti and countries like Haiti are victims of the west. They do deserve a chance to stand up on their own.

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