Challenges to Iraq election continue as returns near full count

 In Iraq

Iraq’s Electoral Commission has rejected calls for a recount of parliamentary elections held two weeks ago. The country’s president called for a recount over the weekend, saying that it was necessary to “preclude any doubt or misunderstanding” about the results. On Saturday, current Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, whose State of Law coalition slightly trails the Iraqiya alliance, also called for a recount. Large numbers of voters went to polls on March 7th despite violence throughout the region. International observers have mostly called the elections free and fair. The UN has said it is investigating individual allegations of tampering but has found no evidence of widespread fraud. However, the charges have opened the possibility of a long and contentious period.

To take a deeper look at the various coalitions vying for power, we’re joined by Raed Jarrar. He is a senior fellow on the Middle East at Peace Action, a nationwide grassroots peace organization.

Listen to the audo here:

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  • donald marshall weeden

    the adamantly opposed viewpoints of democrats and republicans have the U.S.of A. nearing a social clash of unheralded proportions.
    the ideology of red states verses blue states has deepened to localized governments and work places as well as institutions of education and religion.
    lost are the values that taught politics and shunned any attempts to claim affiliation. separation of church and government are zealously denounced as both sides attack one another.
    the political and social environment anti-governable energy is greater than prewar Germany of 1938.
    humankind faces a single enemy and foe, Ego.
    within the human heart is the throne of GODSHIP.
    each of mankind must coronate our “God.”
    ego is assaulting the throne with its accompanists of money, power, drugs,…
    God has not been interfering. Until now, as the final battle of extermination is chosen by ego.
    Thy kingndom comes with each heart coronation “God” as Ruler of the Human Heart.
    Extermination rides with each heart coronation Ego.
    The battle may be against our kind. The war is against ego ruling and exterminating humankind.

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