Kevin Martin talks about the New START Treaty in an hour-long interview with KPFT, Pacifica radio in Houston

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  • Robert R. Holt

    I am trying to break through the mass media’s total silence about the new threat of nuclear winter, which could happen in a “minor” war between India and Pakistan as exposed by Profs. Robock and Toon in a staggering article in the Jan. issue of Scientific American. Not even the peace movement seems aware of this major development! The authors conclude that since even the explosion of 50 Hiroshima-sized fission bombs by each of these deadly rivals over the other’s megacities could plunge us into a decade-long nuclear winter, the only solution is total nuclear disarmament. It’s the biggest news for peace action in years, but nobody is talking about it. Surely Obama seems totally unaware. We have to break through to him!

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