National call-in week: no more money for war

 In Action Alert, Afghanistan

What would you buy if you had a million dollars?

As people struggle to stay in their homes and provide health care for their families, we can all think of ways that a million dollars could do a lot of good in our communities. But the Obama administration is spending $1 million per year for each and every soldier in Afghanistan. They’ve asked Congress for another $33 billion to send 33,000 more troops into a failing war.

Enough is enough. Call your representative at 202-224-3121 and ask him or her to vote against additional funding for the war and to call for an end to the war in Afghanistan.

That $33 billion, on top of $130 billion that was already passed in the budget, isn’t making Americans and Afghans safer. It’s been spent to wreak havoc on the small rural town of Marja only to install a “government in a box,” led by an Afghan exile who went to jail for stabbing his stepson. It’s being spent on ammunition that US troops are firing at innocent civilians.

Meanwhile, the US is neglecting investments in development that could actually help Afghans – and Americans. Compared to that $1 million spent on every soldier, we are spending just $93 per Afghan on development aid. We could end the war, increase the kind of development spending proven to help stabilize communities and improve living conditions in Afghanistan, and still have billions of dollars left over to rebuild our communities here at home.

But only if you take action. Please call your representative at 202-224-3121 and say it’s time to say no to more money for war.

Building opposition to this funding is a difficult task, which is why we are teaming up with organizations around the country in this national call-in week to flood Congress with phone calls. We want to make sure our message is clear now, before the administration and members of Congress start back-room deals to gain votes. The more people we can get on the record opposing this funding, the more we show that momentum is on our side and opposition to the war is only getting stronger.

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  • vincent passiatore

    All people here in America should know by now that both war’s are a front by the past Republican Administration and Israel and the wealthy to go to war for OIL and vast fields of Natural Gas in the Middle East. the stage was set by 9/11 and the attack on America. the Zionest government of Israel is intent on war with Iran. only she wants to get the United States to do her dirty work. America will never get out of Afghanistan because of all the corporations involved in oil and natural gas there. oil and gas flows through pipe lines from all over the middle east to the Caspian Sea were it is loaded on oil tankers. and sent all over the world. Russia would like to have a share of the profits too. if all americans would wake up?????? we must organize and get the hell out of there before we start world war III.

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