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Daniel Ellsberg, famed whistleblower and powerful voice of the antiwar movement, has a message for you. Peace Action West is proud to stand with Daniel, and I hope you’ll read his message and share it with your friends.


As someone who took a stand against the Vietnam War, I ask you to support peace candidate Marcy Winograd in her campaign to replace Jane Harman in southern California’s 36th District.

I know Marcy personally. She worked as a legal researcher on the Pentagon Papers trial.  She was in college then, on a summer break, when she answered the call for volunteers to work on one of the most controversial cases in history.  She believed the American people had a right to know the truth about the war in Vietnam.

Today I am reminded of Vietnam when I consider our government’s military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mass civilian casualties that function as a recruiting tool for a growing insurgency. Thousands of years of history of ejecting foreign invaders. Overconfident military leaders who promise success in a hopeless situation. This sounds like Vietnam to me. In fact, I think of it as Vietnamistan.

Unfortunately, our government lacks the courage to avoid the mistakes we made in Vietnam as it continues a totally counterproductive and unwinnable war in Afghanistan. But one person who understands the hard lessons of that tragic mistake is Marcy Winograd. Like you and other Peace Action West supporters, she won’t stay silent while our country continues on a disastrous course with endless misguided wars. Please join me in supporting Marcy Winograd’s campaign to replace Jane Harman in southern California’s 36th District. Click here to donate.

Congress members like Jane Harman went along with one of the worst foreign policy decisions in American history despite the fact that Harman had a duty to provide oversight on the House Intelligence Committee.  She had ample evidence that we were headed for disaster. We must send a message to Harman and others whose complicity brought us where we are today.

Marcy Winograd isn’t afraid to speak out when our government is squandering innocent lives. She’ll have the courage to vote against wasting billions of tax dollars on wars and occupations that multiply our enemies. We need Marcy Winograd to get us out of this mess.  She needs you to support her campaign.

In the end, I was compelled by my oath to the Constitution and loyalty to the American people to reveal the Pentagon Papers.  My decision, of which I am proud, helped end the war in Vietnam.  Unlike most politicians, Marcy Winograd will stay true to her convictions, regardless of the political consequences. Please join me in supporting her brave effort.


Daniel Ellsberg

Pentagon whistleblower and subject of the Oscar-nominated documentary “The Most Dangerous Man in America”

Paid for by the Peace Action West Voter Fund.

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  • LanceThruster

    I already liked her after hearing her interview on Lila Garrett’s “Connect the Dots” on KPFK Los Angeles, but her courage shown in challenging Rep. Harman’s blind support for Israeli abuses (let alone Harman’s support of GWB’s police state mentality) has won my full support.

    Our republic cannot survive without truth-tellers. Our truth-tellers cannot survive politically without our support. Marcy asked for any contribution regardless of size from as many people committed to changing from politics as usual. I will be sending my own in. She is up against an entrenched political machine within the Democratic Party that all too often uses a litmus test on Israel as the basis for party (read ‘donor’) backing.

    For further information on this see: I Was Israel’s Dupe By TOM HAYDEN – http://www.counterpunch.org/hayden07202006.html

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