Peace Action of New York State Video Blog from Times Square!

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Peace Action of New York State’s first video blog is very cool, and it connects with a scene in the soon-to-be-released feature film Countdown to Zero (more on that soon).

Check out the video blog, and also lots of other good info on our inspiring, empowering events around the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference in New York and other happenings on the terrific PANYS website at

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  • kaibaer


    this is Nicolas Apfel. I’d like to introduce an exciting group of young students from NPT TV to you, who decided against leaving businesses such as global nuclear security up to the old alone, participating in the ongoing 2010 Review Conference of the Non-Proliferation Treaty. I am speaking of the most important conference on the issues of nuclear disarmament, Iran (non-proliferation and the likes) and peaceful nuclear energy. It only takes place once every five years and is the key-forum in questions of nuclear security – a threat that could annihilate all human existence within 30 minutes from now. These young students confront influential Diplomats and NGO-leaders with the most pressing questions on the ongoing negotiations in nuclear disarmament. The interview-footage that is hence created, will then be published on an internet-platform, with the aim of providing easy to digest information on this crucial issue, that absolutely lacks comprehensible as well as comprehensive explanations in all types of media, to the generation inheriting the outrageous nuclear stockpiles of the Cold War and anyone who is interested, saving this topic, that concerns every living being on the planet, from being discussed exclusively by scientists, politicians and experts. The platform is gaining followers day by day, thus raising the awareness as well as pressure on decision-makers to come up with actual results towards a safer world for all.

    I would like to offer you to report on this outstanding group and their noteworthy activities among high ranking politicians, ambassadors, NGOs etc.

    Furthermore the NPT TV-Team will be very grateful for any type of support for their work, such as help in raising awareness on them and their aims. This could happen via links on your website, comments in articles touching the issue, a twitter-message informing your followers about our activities or any other multimedia hint to the public including our link.

    Please feel invited to visit our website to convince yourself of the extraordinarity of this youth-movement and to contact me for any further information.

    Looking forward to get in contact with you,

    Best regards,

    Nicolas Apfel

    NPT TV

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