Call Congress on Afghanistan war supplemental funding bill

 In Afghanistan


Call (202) 224-3121 between 9-5 PM Eastern or look up your Congresspersons’ phone numbers here.

“Hello, my name is __________. I’m a constituent and a member of Peace Action.

I’m calling from __________ (city or town).

Could I speak to your staff person who handles Afghanistan?

If no:

Leave a message urging the Senator/Representative to support and co-sponsor the bill _______ (S. 3197 or H. R. 5015) introduced by ______ (Senator Fiengold or Representatives McGovern and Jones) and to vote against all future war funding.)

If yes: “I’m very concerned about our present strategy in Afghanistan and would like the Senator/Representative to support (S. 3197 or H.R. 5015) introduced by (Senator Fiengold or Representatives McGovern and Jones). This bill would set a timetable for withdrawal from Afghanistan. Furthermore, I would like the Senator/Representative to vote “no” on all future funding requests for the war in Afghanistan.

Can you please get back to me when you’ve found out what the Senator/Representative plans to do in support of this bill?”


After you’ve made all three of your calls, please let us know how the call went by commenting on this post.

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  • Ann Suellentrop

    I called Rep. Dennis Moore, Sen. Brownback and Sen. Roberts. The offices said they would pass on my comments and didn’t give any comments.

  • Judith Rosen

    I called Rep. Stephen Lynch, Senators Kerry and Brown. The offices took my zip or area code and said they would pass along my comments.

  • Leslie Angeline

    I called Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Feinstein and urged them to become cosponsors and thanked Sen. Boxer for already being one! All three staffers who took my calls were pleasant. Senator Boxer’s staff seemed pleased to receive my thank you!
    Peace and Freedom

  • Kevin Gallagher

    Called all three the crook Dodd, The goofy Zionist Joe Lieberman, and the phony Chris Murphy. Left info on positions, asked for a call back .

  • Bernard Alderman

    Called Rep. Markey, Senators Kerry and Brown on behalf of me and my wife; was told message would be delivered.

  • Jean Brooks

    I called Rep.Sensenbrenner and spoke to an aide and asked that the message be delivered.
    I called Sen.Feingold and left a voicemail thanking him profusely.
    I called Sen.Kohl and spoke to an aide and asked that the message be delivered.

  • Laura Bernstein

    Reached Congressman Mark Kirk and spoke to a staff member, who said he would convey my comments. Asked for an email response. Left a message on Senator Roland Burris’s machine. Could not get through to Senator Durbin.

  • Rehman Pakistani


    ‘Freedom of thought and expression is still a slogan in our part of the world. If the Pakistani, American, British and allied governments, partners in fighting global terrorism, want to win the war, then they must address intellectual terrorism first.’



  • Betsy Crites

    I called Rep. Price of NC-4 and thanked him for co-sponsoring HR 5015 and added encouragement to vote against all future funding for wars.

  • Betsy Crites

    Also called Sen. Hagan (D-NC). Meg Freshwater said S-3197 has been referred to the For. Relations Cmte.; she hasn’t talked to Sen. but will b/c they’ve been getting calls and it’s definitely on their radar now.

    Called Sen. Burr (R-NC). Cynthia Ramos said he would never vote against support for our Comdr. & Chief and Generals in the field. If they say we need $ to accomplish their mission, he’ll vote for it. I challenged this unquestioning attitude and encouraged them to think about funding a failed mission.

  • Miguel Mulenco

    I left a message for all three representatives from Cincinnati, Ohio: Steve Driehaus, Sherrod Brown and George Voinovich.

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