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“If Americans pulled back and started paying attention to this war, it would become even less popular.”

In the now infamous Rolling Stone article about General McChrystal’s frat boy antics and disrespect for civilian leadership, his senior aide gets to the heart of the opportunity this scandal gives us.  The American public is already turning against the war, and we need to get beyond the explosive drama to the heart of the problem—war isn’t working in Afghanistan.

Despite the scant evidence that Petraeus or McChrystal or anyone else can make the military strategy work in Afghanistan, the House is getting ready to vote on $33 billion to escalate the war. Administration officials are waffling and downplaying the July 2011 start date for withdrawal. Help us send a message about the kind of leadership we want to see from Congress by donating to peace candidate Bill Hedrick before tomorrow’s critical fundraising deadline.

Bill Hedrick was the first major congressional candidate to come out against the war in Afghanistan. He wants to take the billions we are wasting on misguided wars and invest them in education, healthcare and jobs.  Hedrick’s not going to play politics when it comes to sending Americans into harm’s way—he has seen the strain our wars have put on his own sons and daughters-in-law serving in the military. Unlike many candidates, Bill Hedrick isn’t running scared from the truth about Afghanistan out of fear of his Republican opponent. This is the kind of bold leadership we need to turn our foreign policy around. Click here to help Bill Hedrick make it happen.

The big-time political consultants funneling millions into congressional elections aren’t going to lead Bill Hedrick to victory. Hedrick came within 3 points of rubber-stamp Republican Ken Calvert in 2008, so we know he can win. But only if you and I work to build what Bill calls “a people-powered campaign to promote not only peace, but justice.”  Tomorrow is an important fundraising deadline for campaigns. A strong showing this quarter for Bill Hedrick will help us send a message to the Democratic Party and all of Congress—while they’re putting our money into endless war, we’re putting our money into people who will work to end it. Please give whatever you can today.

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