Senators raise concerns about war in Afghanistan

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The U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Richard Holbrooke, sat before the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee earlier this week to discuss the current strategy in Afghanistan and signs of progress, if any, toward the administration’s stated goal of “reversing the momentum” of the Taliban and its allies. Republican and Democratic senators showed much skepticism and frustration in voicing their growing concern with the war.

Committee Chair John Kerry recognized in his opening statement that the war in Afghanistan has surpassed the war in Vietnam and is now the longest military operation in U.S. history. He articulated that it is our responsibility to present the American people, our troops and allies with “the best strategy possible.”

Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN) expressed his confusion about our objectives in Afghanistan and asked for a responsible allocation of our finite resources:

“There is substantial concern about our course in Afghanistan.[…] The lack of clarity in Afghanistan does not end with the President’s timetable. Both civilian and military operations in Afghanistan are proceeding without a clear definition of success. There has been much discussion of our counterinsurgency strategy and methods, but very little explanations of what metrics must be achieved before the country is considered secure. At some moments it appears as if we are trying to remake the economic, political and security culture of Afghanistan. We should know by now that such grand ambitions are beyond our resources and powers. At other moments it appears we’re content with a narrow security-driven definition of success. Namely, preventing an implacably hostile Taliban regime from taking over the government and preventing Afghanistan from becoming a terrorist haven regardless of what government is in power. […] I recognize that the situation Afghanistan is fluid and not easily defined. And I also understand why an administration would not want to be pinned down to a specific definition of success. The problem is that we are spending enormous resources in Afghanistan. Our resources are finite and they must be focused effectively.”

Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI), who offered an amendment to the war funding bill that would have required a timeline for withdrawal from Afghanistan, called for a “vision” and reiterated his support for a clear and flexible timetable for withdrawing all U.S. combat troops from the country.  Ambassador Holbrooke disclosed he was “very leery” about setting an end date, but defended President Obama’s July 2011 timetable and echoed other administration officials who have been downplaying the date by saying that it’s only a date to begin reducing the number of U.S. troops, based on conditions on the ground.

Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) expressed his frustration, saying he had never understood President Obama’s strategy for Afghanistan, and that the goals for success are not clear.

“A number of us wrote a letter to you, asking for this hearing, and my guess is you might have had hearings anyway. But the reason we wrote the letter, bipartisan letter, was to provide Congress and the American people with a definition of the end state for our civilian operations in Afghanistan, clear objectives for the civilian mission and a detailed plan for achieving those objectives and the very specific measurable metrics being used to measure progress towards achieving those objectives. I have to say, I’ve been here for an hour and ten minutes, I have heard nothing, nothing about that and while I respect the Ambassador, I’ve heard a lot about process, I’ve heard a lot about meetings. I have no earthly idea, no earthly idea what our objectives are on the civilian front.”

On the specifics demanded by Sen. Corker, Holbrooke said that they’re trying to rebuild the agriculture sector, provide alternatives to opium production, strengthen the country’s justice system and build local governance. Holbrooke wanted to clarify the difference between an end state and an exit strategy.  He expressed that if the U.S. walks away from Afghanistan there would be devastating consequences. He called for a “sustainable end state which involves continued American economic and development assistance,” in order to prevent Afghanistan from going back to Taliban, and stop Al Qaida from launching new attacks on the U.S.

Rather than backing away from an end date for the military occupation, Holbrooke could be embracing his vision of a civilian strategy as a replacement for the counterproductive military presence we’re seeing now. The evidence shows that policing and intelligence would be far more effective in combating Al Qaeda than a large-scale military occupation (what is soon to be 1,000 soldiers for each Al Qaeda fighter in Afghanistan). This strategy would not only be more effective, but as Holbrooke points out it would save U.S. taxpayers billions that are being spent on the military campaign: “This would not be cheap, but it would be a fraction of the money that is now being authorized and appropriated for the military campaign. When we would be able to transition to that is impossible for me or anyone to say, but it won’t be on a single day, it would be a gradual process.” We need to stop spending a fortune on a military strategy which has proved to be counterproductive in dealing with the threat of terrorism in and from Afghanistan and turn our focus to the civilian approach. Only then will the Afghan people show “willingness and ability … to assume ownership of the effort,” an essential element which, as Sen. Kerry mentioned in his opening statement, we have had the least control over.

Senator Cardin (D-MD) voiced his concern about U.S. and international aid being a source of funding  “a corrupt regime which robs the country of good governance, which is absolutely essential”. He wanted to be assured about progress on accountability, that the funds are being used purposefully and not toward corruption. Regarding that, Holbrooke said they have set an accountability criteria for each ministry and that they’ve made accountability their “hallmark,” while trying to build government competence.

It is encouraging to see growing skepticism in both the House and Senate regarding the war. We  need to see a continued drumbeat of members of Congress questioning of the underlying counterinsurgency strategy and making sure our civilian funds are being spent on effective programs that will actually improve conditions on the ground rather than being pocketed by corrupt contractors and warlords.

Ambassador Holbrooke left the hearing to fly to Afghanistan where he will attend the International Kabul Conference on July 20 and 21.

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  • kara j lincoln

    Re: Afghanistan governance + the civilian strategy 7-14-2010, that i share with others.

    Dear Folks,

    It’s amazing what technology can offer us. I just don’t know when it will be put to its goodness in full for all.

    I speaking from a limited perspective have not had your experiences of government. But I would think with the ease of video taping, why you would not have a logged archive + observe the hands on application of where your participation is going. So you can offer it to the community.

    Vs. having t have a discussion panel as I observed here thru the Internet.

    We are not talking g about a few dollars or a little energy from thought or act.

    I look at the facial stress signs of organs out of balance leaving their mark between eyes in stress lines as well the left right eye symmetry, asking how any could interpret from a perspective that was yet to be balanced, + then others awaiting comment to again act within limited perspective, + then go back into areas representing + again give comment.

    Transparency can simplify. Let people decide as they observe the hands on application of US tax dollars, family participation, etc.

    I suggest looking at this position on a level of human inner-personal exchange. Where it is wrong to speak of US being a leader or number 1. It is better to observe the interchange as communicating with a developed aware being to a developmental disability.

    As in the ideal of the afghan’s stating they are putting them self at risk by communicating with the US. All parties need to look at human awareness, not that it comes from the US. Rather no one can guide another + then the other have expectations of co-dependency, this is a less developed state + needs to be told. For those that look at self-development or ecological sustainability can interrelate building community by networking if not controlled + supported by all.

    Not the US ideology.

    Especially when Professor Miguel Altieri whom I’ve supported can give you precision of fact of our planetary food crisis. So for US to go + support agriculture awareness, which science is it. The once with serving we must the poor that interferes in 1’s ability to self-sustain as in GMO or seeds only from Monsanto, etc. where one cannot save their own seed or due an exchange. Or monocultures with toxic pesticides again support corporate hors that leave negative ecological impact on life.
    All humans have life rights to become aware, + that is what should be supported only part time collectively from the international community. This is what we all can do, if our living local natural lives fuel us from living correctly. Not wasteful consumptions as in many. I find it hard to believe Hillary Clinton can even be a fair person to represent US goodness, when as in supporting her daughter’s wedding of grandeur + wasteful consumption. It is this western mode of desire that many chase in the world.

    My experiences have seen folks not seeing the earth below their feet, which is very capable to nurture for it to sustain self-reliance, when in fact they where chasing western desire of stuff.

    So I say to those that work closer to these folks Hillary, Richard, the generals both in past + now. How is it that so much has continued without bringing forth realities of inefficiencies that are costing much in energy + funds. Are you folks communicating as in you are saviors for as in women empowerment, or are you seriously stating the reality of those seeing American or western ways that it is developmentally undeveloped to thin they can feel safe with our presence. When in fact they need to build a self within our human potential, inner/interpersonally as we network locally + beyond. From our universal energy, not westernized ideology.

    Equality is sensitivity for men + women, this cannot be gained thru women’s empowerment only. This has to do with respect of human rights.

    Isn’t it a bit hypocritical to support women’s empowerment when yet President Karzi, if he + government officials are, supporting Muslims + attacking non-Muslims?

    If government in this country would seriously tae a look at those that are disgusted with government + will not take the time to communicate, as I collectively communicate + share these experiences. + Then those that are able not accepting such interference + wasteful consumption from the aid process in the US for locals + beyond, that is fragmented, making folks codependent interfering in their ability to self-develop. Even the developmental disabled + those crippled from war mentally + physically.

    So the people that work in US government + anywhere seriously need to take responsibility that they are working for unable folks. + Those that you communicate should be aware of that. Anyone that accepts your aid then will accept that they are undeveloped how? + The signs + measurements of aid to define progress or retrogression as indicators. With realization of work flow for fair trade. We are not here to do any able person’s homework.

    Now will they be so open to accept, if EX: a true understanding of Hillary working for underdeveloped + what stage? Vs. as many may think she is a worldly figure to desire.

    I don’t mean a personal attack on Hillary, I have just never respected her judgment’s made from my limited perspective of her personal happenings as 1st lady or now. Nor do I respect her ridicule + assumptions.

    Never in these 162 minutes or so of footage, did I hear anything positive of Taliban or TTP in western Pakistan. Nor of a platform of communication of why they pursue what they are doing negatively as in terrorist acts. No open dialect. Just association with the past years after Russia left Afghanistan + then after 9-11.

    Don’t you think we the people need an overview of insight of the presence? Vs. assume. Rather actual reality of dialogue, footage of these peace discussions? As well look at the fear base misinformation when speak of our human family as if they continue to do unjust acts, when yet they are everywhere, locally + beyond. They meaning people that are displaced due to misuse as well misuse from the negative effects left from us all.

    Then due to others gaining in our present war economy mode, we don’t get a chance to open the dialog or take a truthful look of the roots of why these folks become dysfunctional. Why these behaviors continue as folks are left to struggle as many suffer around the world.

    There is no reason for these kinds of funds to be paid to any government official as presently paid to do service for others. Especially when as in this footage you folks are so unaware of what is truly going on. + Should very well expect no ideologies to build from western ways or any one’s way. The earthly minerals + resources are here for our ecological sustainability for our local self-reliance. Keeping our ecosystems balanced. They are not to be transported afar or kept by a few. They are for the betterment of life rights. Which means our health comes best when we have healthy environments.

    Our wild we support to stay wild, for or small farms where we produce local fresh natural grown food + pass on our seeds in an exchange. Take a look right now at the government contracts with whom to do business in Afghanistan + elsewhere where we have conflict + or peace.

    Same with you Barack, supporting nuclear updating with war mode is insane. Our folks’ sensitive with human awareness, as in Yun Wang I’ve supported.
    For knowing how efficiently our energy is processed as the human species.
    teaches us peaceful communications. Yet there is still no dialect between the so-called terrorists. Yet it appears folks want to keep this fear based information active to build + sustain a war economy.
    I would ask for local community reports on video of the dialect transcribed of the so-called organized Taliban, TTP, etc.

    It is within our human potential to define the truth of what we have done wrong + still doing wrong. Listen + both sides take responsibility for change.

    To think that all these funds given to the Afghanistan government will make us aware of why we where attacked + by whom, as well future is total assumption which is unhealthy communication. Transparency of what has contributed to truth is what can produce change. Being real with time. To continue giving as you folks are doing to me + many, is giving from a blind limited perspective. US folks as well the international community that live natural lives, staying within nature’s boundaries, aware taking part creating their moment is fueled to communicate what works part time collectively. This is not something you buy.

    Especially with eye-to-eye communication + the many that do use the virtual world. So your budget is a delusion. To continue your program is a wave of the past. To continue to not communicate + put these so called terrorists on a platform eye to eye, just proves that the folks that gain from this war economy mode will continue to propagate fear based misinformation. Simply pissing more people off, actually continually producing terrorism globally + locally.

    To us this is a no win situation that we cannot support.

    Rather we support living local within 100-150 miles, where our communities have interchangeable roles + our representatives speak for unable only due to us speaking + acting for our self. This fuels us to be not wasteful as we lower our footprint, building community that harmonizes, where voltage is kept low + local as folks pool community resources.

    This is not to be supporting excessive wasteful people afar as it is transported. Barack, get a grip of this; you are too capable not to open to this reality. Help folks by allowing them to help themselves + network freely. Where they say no to your funds + self-develop as we do an exchange of information of what works for each ecosystem. Yes no money exchange rather ecological soundness rehabbed as we nurture this over due planet that the war economy has devastated from a handful of non-people programmed for what ever.

    We welcome these folks to rethink in a `tapering transition no matter how bad of a war/business hor. This is programming of the past. Today we have nurturing refreshed life that we intend to accept nothing less, for our children are also receiving the mixed signals as misinformation is transported locally + afar amongst our human family that is perceived by all that maintain discipline over self-sensory observation, not lost in belief with dull sensors. Or get mixed signals.

    Our early signs are very clear. We don’t need to have reports for we have sustained suffering, been their done that. We are fortunate to sustain crises, where many not so fortunate that we have lost.

    As we open to our human family we share awareness. + We do that by living locally responsible holding our self-accountable locally + at the end of our focus.

    For you folks to spend the money you have, I would not give you any unless I saw footage of expenditures from real applications. For we have heard of just too much goodness trapped in waste + consumption from people that are not mentally capable to lead anyone.

    Same with energy grids nationally Barack, why can’t you understand that this is inefficient to transport goods from afar including energy. We can recycle wires along with few substations. + Keep it local.

    Barack, congress + all you should be releasing Teslas’ research on free energy, stop the war mode economy + stop leading + become a local, global + beyond participant your self. Anyone giving the notion of a US western mode being excessive waste should be taken from position into a `tapering transition to rethink, supported until can become real to our roots.

    The US folks + our human family around the world that live simple lives have been effected negatively long enough by those monopolizing on our natural resources, as well the war economy. This 1 hand giving goodness while other one supports the weapons to attack is a time of the past.

    Aware folks simply have learned to say no thanks. We know that aid is a good
    intention gone wrong. There are many in need of good support for folks to redirect with peaceful participation, locally + beyond, + that is what we work for. To see that awareness is exchanged.

    All folks that give aid should stop immediately when folks given to, think it cannot come from within, as misuse can be redirected into energy that can fuel our
    human equality. This is true democracy when respect for our natural borders creates our rule of law. This is the root of our indigenous cultures we are so fortunate to still have to share with.

    It is wrong for these folks that have retained goodness to be so abused, as Prof Miguel Altieri states with our food crises from food being shipped around the planet, etc. supporting biotech corporate hors.

    So I ask again give us the peoples/corporation/company names + what contracts/pay scales are given for the application of your intentions. Show this to the people locally + afar. + Then see the reactions you will face.

    In my conversations communally as I’ve networked, it has been scary, + you think you are looking for terrorists afar, think again + take a little more time with your community + listen + I think you will change a few of these ideals. For many folks are hurting + a lot of these folks are on your purse strings, as this system has been very wrong in support.

    1 ideal to rehab this support would be to take all the state + national park property that is not wild, such as parks that are developed in gardens lets say that where set aside from a once land owner + put into a park, as in shore acres in Charleston, Oregon that collects a 5.00 parking fee. People maintain this wasteful garden at the expense of who?

    All these parks could be community gardens growing natural fresh food for the community, with small housing which most have to support education, rehab, nutrition, food preparation, get to know community as in true needs + together rebuild the community, cut voltage use, reduce waste, + create energy efficiency as folks build a mindbody that is within our human potential. all the folks collecting anything from others should be required to participate.

    For it is 1 thing to develop ideals + work for them within our creative human potential. it is another when struck with resisitance, stressed then with limited funds try to nourish then hop on wagon with processed packaged foods traveling from afar. interfering in 1’s blood sugars, increased salt for starters + now you have folks not just out of work , dependent but also medically altering themselves, making it more difficult to mentally be clear + physically strong.

    Many cases + I have several close that now western medicine in the US, which I worked hard to stress with last health reform issues. that are now being overly medicated on top of this. Really putting folks in a suffering depleted energy mode. Not just fear based living for a terrorist attack, when a dialogue has no fact in real time, yet billions of dollars + much human energy is being consumed + weapons are being built on delusion/gain of many, etc. People are creating own disasters unders such influence.

    Yes we build your own disassociated energy that can be harnessed yet many easily grab on to blame vs. address our own misuse, usually because of unaware of such underlying threads of all this producing it.
    Or ride on a bandwagon we need to help, the feel good mode, even if it interferes in another’s ability to self-develop. It is a fine wave, easy to ride on. + difficult at times to truly think of another when self needs to be satisfied. I believe many are in this mode of underdeveloped state that has pulled in the need falsely + at a great expense to many.

    As well many are carrying weapons feeling many injustices within the US are taking place, yet to even address the misuse from processed food, etc.. let alone see such foolish waste focused afar, + thought of increased + existing excess of military arsenal to be available on this planet for access in the wrong hands, not to mention healthy human error. + to think this is at a cost to all truly heightens the stress at an exponential rate.

    I ask you to reflect, for your self-observation in this review.

    We want to know our faults so we can change for enough of this madness of no open communication. Mottling thru misuse the hard way, figuring it out. We want to understand when we are wrong + make it right. The natural world offers goodness for our human species now if we maintain discipline of our self-sensory observation vs. belief. + We intend to appreciate it. but many are not able to find it, due to community support not in place to correct the programs many of you have taken part to develop, they are incomplete.

    please look within, take a walk in the wild + self-reflect, join with loved ones + neighbors, have a potluck + discuss these feelings. if can’t find peaceful solutions look for us + the many out their offering this clarity.

    We share a platform to do just this + link to come together efficiently: .com .org
    which is soon to be published, supports folks that build eye-to-eye community via ecosystems. Giving us detail to reflect, rehab + rethink, as it fuels us to do an exchange for all to become a local, global + beyond participant, working for peaceful solutions. Then we exchange what works in the virtual process.

    Thank you, for what you can do now, for peace is an option now if we share. Many are confused with mixed signals, not easily seeing the goodness, we are fortunate to have. Ask yourself are you supporting the problem or the resolution, for each is clear.

    I share a posting on Globaloneness project:.

    kara j lincoln

    Folks the natural world gives us human tools for calm alertness to obtain harmony now. enjoy our seasonal offerings, take a walk in the wild + refresh:.

    Thank you, Global oneness project for giving me this opportunity to express what I have wanted to do for sometime. Thinking I needed to do it with a government official. I did not respect the work of prior secretary Madeline Albright or Hillary Clinton + was unaware of the people to contact on each side. But I shared my desire to be an intermediary for the peace discussion, to several representatives as well Barack Obama.

    Rabbi Froman, thank you for your ongoing support for us all.
    I would like to observe detail of principals of each side + express my opinion. So I feel like I’m coming thru the back door, so to speak.

    I felt we are not interpreting the true self-expression of each, for perhaps people of past have been enslaved by their own misuse. Leaving them to want to be accepted for their belief, yet unable to maintain self– sensory observation vs. that belief at that time. Based of their experiences. Leaving them with mixed cues, yet those that know, are clear with inner being, where as the words that come out get in the way, but we can find the words to make this very clear to resolve.

    So example, please share with principles of importance, to resolve, with your perception of whom to start with:

    Imagine these people in the same room, eye to eye + you know as you state, that you + your side could settle + agree. Ok so you know then what you would want to hear.
    Ok it is said from principles on other side, since you appear to have a we side + they side. Well I was born in America, I never could make sense of any religion, so I choose to not have that verbiage in my memory. Nor do I have any of the skills of what they represent. But please believe me, I respect you for your belief as long as it does not misuse you or other life.

    As I started to write this I went to a previous document to shut off 1st. I just happen to go to a sentence. This was of a couple that sails out in the world + she was on an island where there was a daily pattern of structure, games being played a certain time + a potluck, etc. the sentence was:

    ` I didn’t come to paradise to be bothered with time + tradition`. How appropriate I thought, with what I’m feeling. I happen to think this planet is very special. I + mate built a sailboat + also sailed out in the world, never got to your territory yet, tried 3 times for that area + issues came up. So I rethinking fine details for sailing, traveling, subject matter for purpose to focus, with energy exchange, etc.

    I also think we as the human family share human tools. Our exploration can continue as a child forever. Unless we interfere in our tools ability to process our information. Dr. Leon Hammer, a family psychiatrist for 50 years discovered western psyche was incomplete + when he introduced eastern ways, he found ways that worked more efficiently, so he adjusted. He felt our energy within become disassociated when we don’t efficiently apply our self. So he realized when he did acupuncture with counseling it was more beneficial. For when we carry long thought, or be stressed with misuse vs. maintaining a calm alert state, that we then disrupt the harmony of our organs. + Now the organs will struggle + produce thought, so now you have like a tiger by the tail issue so to speak.

    So I’ve felt, + my memory has retained the foolishness + excessive waste of US politicians allowing lobbyists + or those that buy control a direction they seem to go for.
    This is not our meaning many folks we have met in our travels, we feel living local with the land, where ever we choose, is most efficient. Leaving us free to go where we choose, in respect to nature’s boundaries, which I continue to learn. I agree we are all capable of becoming aware, to rid our baggage, while we take part in creating our moment in the present. My experiences have been when we realize we can grip this disassociated energy that leaves us with mixed signals, unclear of our true sense of self, or perhaps never learned, due to learning behaviors past on, due to prior generations trying to survive, so we took it as normal.

    Or riding on another’s wave without a sense of self, hanging on to words that have no application, so we end up with layers of disassociated energy that clouds are vision externally + or we unaware of the tools we have such as rods in our retina that perceive information around us, as in 1 cell can perceive a candle light 10 miles away. Meanwhile we have many cells in each rod that go direct to our subconscious. We sleep on it as we build new neuro pathways, yet to awaken to new ideals to edit + work with, from our collected perceptions from our awake + sleep state with dreams, premonitions, intuition, etc.
    Our tools work most efficiently when calm. Our comprehension + concentration becomes lessen when we are subjected to stress, as in I’m sure with all your people’s experience in this area with war, past on behavioral conceptions as well various belief of what is truly producing what locally + or from afar.

    I’m an American by birth, I’m a human family local, global + beyond participant in the self-making + I’m also a living organism dependent on our natural balanced ecosystems. Which are being very depleted by the war economy, which I feel, continues due to people strictly making money from it. I’ve seen where people negotiate + not care of who has what title. Rather for money they will go where it is. This is wrong. The people in America as well the focus from them locally + afar leave negative effects on life on their path.

    I get hurt when I see you express to Americans as if we are all the same. Yet you come back with dialogue stating we also have well. So even you have to watch your words, for the brain processes what we say. Also contributing to misuse via this disassociated energy from a variety of means, either thru thought trying to pull it’s own way or produced by our organs becoming out of balance, now pulling their own way to survive.

    If we had an experienced energy expert as in understanding the energies of the body + how they travel, get stuck, too much, not enough, as in meridians. + I’m thinking of a good man named Yun Wang, a doctor from Beijing, china, now working in Seattle as an acupuncture teacher + makes herbal formulas, etc. for people. Addressing signs as he sharpens sensors if not to late + or aids in healing process or prevents from getting worse or eases the discomfort from some terminal illnesses that are too late to reverse. So in the US western medicine does not support this for the majority. Only insurance from a few do, + or for those that can pay out of pocket, which is actually cheaper than all that one goes thru with western medicine, the pharmaceutical corporate hors, etc. + yes there are many trapped in this ineffective industry as well, doing good work. While others are gaining at the expense of so many codependent with ill states remaining.

    People not living within nature’s guidelines. Leaving them unaware of what tools we have. So we have a large sheep mode of people that are codependent + unaware of how we have solutions now, locally + beyond as we do exchanges via ecosystems, supporting all to fine tune for own area. We have indigenous on this planet that prove thru projects what can be done with in natural healthful means as in our food crisis we have on this planet. We do not need toxic pesticides, GMO, monocultures, etc. Professor Miguel Altieri from Berkeley, Ca has proven this. With his agro-ecology working with indigenous thru out the world. Yet he shows this to representatives + yet another individual comes in with his ideals that we need to feed the poor + produce more, + his files rule. Leaving no 1 universal science of what is right + what is wrong. Meanwhile the biotech industry gains financially again at the expense of people being ill or codependent.

    Now the American people are not clear with supporting issues locally + or afar, for many are mentally unclear of reality on this planet or don’t care, due to struggling locally themselves.

    So again we support a `tapering transition where in our project soon to be published the end of the year, we have compassion for those that leave negative effects on life. Even though we have seen suffering in our self or our families from misuse or abuse from another, when one had expectations of gaining help yet it did not come thru, or accidents, natural disasters.
    Real suffering + dieing in a variety of ways but not thru war. Accept for those that went to other countries during wars.

    So we share suffering yet in other forms. We share confusion + misunderstanding. We share many just wanting acceptance because they are under nourished, undeveloped children unable to nurture yet themselves. Unaware yet in adult bodies. Being pulled from self-enslavement or marketing + programming from corporate hors again not perhaps even aware of their own destruction. For they may think they also doing their best.
    But for those of us that feel resolution, it is up to us to use these human tools we have. + Confront with compassion supporting people to rethink with alternatives that work. Not generalization, but real simple natural solutions.

    Ex; the India gentleman that started the cloth volunteer project to give clothing, sanitary pads, + pouches to those without. I see comments stating we want to send to you from afar perhaps?? It is normal human unawareness to no not understand how shipping afar is a layer of human compassion gone wrong, when everyone feels we can transport, dependent on fuel, which is the culprit to wars. Yet we don’t see all these layers + threads connecting the bank account of those producing the war economy ball rolling. When yet others think it is so real to do + as here start printing press + produce dollars with no backing. No sense of reality for us now + or for our children.

    We can learn + learn to become whole while we free our self of those that are pulling these threads. We cannot live for future generations. We need to live for this generation + only then will our children gain awareness to continue on. This is a big mistake I hear from peace activist. Our children need to be by our side now as we all equally become local, global + beyond participants. This is how we work most efficiently.

    We don’t need this war economy, we don’t need weapons such as hydrogen + nuclear bombs or biologicals. I just had a conversation with an intelligence person of the Vietnam war that choose to leave his position as he saw how generals where not in tune with reality of what was happening in field. Yet giving orders to military officials.

    Why do I state this because we all have issues, + we have solutions, but many won’t listen. Why because it goes beyond our conscious mind. We need compassion for those folks that feel they want it their way, because they may be right. But at what expense to all life do you want to be right. How much can American’s or Israel’s or Palestine’s talk to make everyone satisfied. When in reality each keep getting lost in time + traditions that are being pulled from each.

    We have peaceful alternatives now. We have a lot of sick people that need our collective support. We have natural disasters + environmental destruction. We have people with delusion thinking they are doing exactly what is right.

    No longer can we allow a few people to rule for all. Actually I’m working with some young minds co-evolving chess. Calling it chess meaning:

    communicate here experience sensitivity + skill.
    We co_evolve with young + old that are fortunate to over come suffering/death of loved ones, yet still can be present without grief, taking part as we build community, networking locally + afar.

    Ours we suggest going eye to eye, sharing like subject + as you reflect with this goodness people do in the world, then inner-personally self-observe, adjust, as you rid baggage, which we all have. + All continue to work at. For this planet has had way to much aggression, from folks thinking they doing good, yet pockets get full along with bank accounts, while others stay codependent + unaware to self-empower, self-sustain from our universal energy of our human design, that brings us all back to living organism dependent on this earth.

    Yes + to live in peace + harmony now. Not for our children but for our self with our children. + In those locations of suffering it is wrong to even conceive + bring a child in to such madness. As well in our project as we traveled, we saw how the international community wants to live local. So our platform is set up for this exchange, 80% of the time we exchange what works after we worked it out, sharing the experience via ecosystem so others can fine tune for theirs.

    Then the other 20% of the time we collectively part time come together to define our next move for life rights unable to sustain locally as we support an exchange until able. So as the peace activist, Palestinian Ibtisam Mahameed stated we cannot do it alone, it is so true. We are able with today’s communication tools simply with virtual world. To network locally + afar solutions. Young + old coming together redirecting positive energy into acts of exchange. Building our awareness so we develop our concentration true potential in a variety of self-expression for the betterment of our community to sustain our personal choice, as we gain sensitivity to live within nature’s boundary + aid those to rethink as they recycle their minds + bodies, bringing goodness back into our community locally. As they again become a participant.

    Now can you see how America could support you more as well support Barack Obama + congress to no longer be in a cloud as trillions are spent. Rather we are talking about human potential that one cannot buy + all has the right to become aware. Aware so we know how to control our brainwaves, over coming our programming, as we self-observe once reflect with the goodness we have to exchange with.

    Now our military people also can become human as they look you in the eye + see your inner being vice versa, allowing the 2 to make a decision locally vs. dictation from afar that is not on top of it.

    As I stated previously with my chat with this intelligence person in Vietnam war, he talked to a few of the people that where told from the Nixon regime to take out prisoners of war a year after the war stopped, meaning kill them so they don’t have to give a large amount of gold in exchange. This is very sick, yet these men on this mission said they would not do that + didn’t. 1 person still is alive + in isolation hidden, while all others that where suppose to do this mission have disappeared strangely. Meanwhile those POW’s never made it home.
    So I have great empathy for you + our human family everywhere.

    But I also am very positive we can take our human goodness, reflect how to, do it + then discuss what right + wrong to carry forward lessons + then we decide together on next move. While we bring our awareness to a level of harmony with all, over coming this long over due nightmare of war economy mode + for what ever, distressing folks, making them ill, then attacking ill, no good.. + Go back to prioritizing some important issues on this planet, like peace for all:

    As we restore our wild to stay wild so as to ecologically restore our sustainability, there are no pests, we create them from our unhealthy habits, which can be changed. To build small natural farms, support wild fish as we prioritize our ports for commercial fishing, stop all farmed fishing. Stop all trawling + international policy to be enforced. + Realize our wild balance can restore our balance for good health to support us to rebuild our local + beyond community. This is our only medicine that we should accept. Fresh local grown food + herbs for our medicine as we heal + self-empower. Controlling only our own energy as we align with the universal energy.

    Allow rivers to flow, build trans-boundary migration + recycle local energy according to cooperative voltage we use. Vs. need for like a national grid system as in the US. We don’t need such cost or inefficiency. What we need is the US + the world to give the people Tesla`s research so no wires are needed at all for free energy that he discovered. We don’t need to transport product service afar, we need to live local + network what works best as we do an ER triage of our planet + together part time help those in need.

    Do_in in a manor where we don’t interfere in others ability to self-develop + carry whatever story they choose to want, as long as they don’t misuse + interfere in another life or their own.

    This to me is democracy + this is what many good folks have worked for, died for + still fight for. But we can stop the fighting, aid the ill + allow people to be heard as we bring about dialect, true story of what was, + what happened along the way + what can be + do it, bringing closure to inability to communicate due to whatever reason.

    Peace is our option now if we share, thank you + we invite you to reflect with your story, post + make a pen pal of like subject as you truly explore + self-satisfy, leaving no footprints.
    `I come to talk story, invites you to reflect once we publish, for now we can use the many good folks do_in, as in Globaloneness project to post, along with Peace Action West is showing us detail to work + many others.

    thank you, I’m looking forward to your response so as to gain awareness for supporting this peace process now, for you are right Rabbi Froman, this is a global issue of our human family’s ability to awaken to our human tools that work for harmony now.

    thanks for your participation, kara

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