Happening Now: The Truth on Afghanistan

 In Action Alert, Afghanistan

We just got word that the House has begun debate on the bill to send $34 billion more to fuel the war in Afghanistan. And it’s coming just after Wikileaks revealed the horrors of war via leaked documents this Sunday.

I’m keeping this brief because time is very short. Wikileaks is proving how wrong this war is, and the White House, fearing the leaks put its war agenda at risk, has pushed Congress for a quick vote on the funding. They know that the more representatives that vote “no” on the funding, the stronger the message we can send to President Obama.

Please call your member of Congress at 1-888-493-5443 in the next 2 hours to tell them to vote NO on $34 Billion more for war and occupation in Afghanistan. Then click here to tell us how your call went.

Thanks so much for helping us act quickly when it counts most.

UPDATE: The funding passed. I’m hearing the vote was 308 voted for the funds and 114 voted against, with 12 Repubs voted against. This is a huge increase in “no” votes since last year, when just 60 reps voted against the funding. Looks like the White House has reason to be worried. THANK YOU so much to everyone who made calls today — your involvement is what makes this kind of progress possible.

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