The House takes a stand on Afghanistan

It was “the strongest signal to date” that members of Congress won’t support the status quo in Afghanistan. And it happened because of you. Last night, thanks to your phone calls and emails and [...]

A clean up or down vote on war funding?

As I wrote yesterday, the Afghanistan war funding bill continues to get loaded up with popular and much-needed funding for programs like Haiti relief and oil spill cleanup. This creates a [...]

Like putting lipstick on a war

A congressional staffer told me months ago that she feared that the war funding bill would get loaded up with “Haiti relief and jobs and puppies and sunshine,” making it difficult for some [...]

1,000 too many

Today marks a heartbreaking milestone in the US’s misguided military engagement in Afghanistan. 1,000 American soldiers—fathers, mothers, daughters, sons—have perished in the war. It’s difficult [...]